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Recommended Reading: Great Sources for Skincare Information January 14, 2010

I like to keep up with latest news and innovations as it pertains to skincare.  Luckily there are plenty of readily available resources for doing so.


New Beauty bills itself as “the world’s most unique beauty magazine”, and it certainly lives up to its name.  This glossy, photo filled magazine, which you can easily find at Barnes and Noble, does not have articles in the traditional sense.  Instead it divides topics into categories and provides basic, important, and interesting information about each topic supplemented with lots of product recommendations.  At first you might think that this non-traditional way of presenting information wouldn’t teach you anything, but at second glance you realize that you received a great introduction to all the topics presented.  I like that some of the products presented have both a review by a “normal” person and by an “expert” – doctor, esthetician, etc.  Though subjects vary in each issue there is always information about skincare, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, hair, cosmetics, and fitness/diet.  I always learn something new when reading New Beauty.  One thing does bother me about New Beauty, lots of different products are presented in the magazine with a text that reads like the marketing or PR release about the product.  So though New Beauty can be a great source for learning about what new products are out there I would do a little more research on the products that are presented without a review before buying them.  Bottom Line:  A fun read that teaches you a lot along the way.

Allure  I’ve been a fan of Allure for a very long time.  If you love make-up this is definitely the magazine for you.  But if you are more interested in skincare than make-up Allure has plenty to offer.  I like the fact that they generally consult dermatologists when reviewing new skincare products and that their articles about skincare, and they always have multiple articles about skincare in an issue, are well researched and clearly presented.  For instance just in the January issue there were articles about how to care for chapped lips, dry hands, and sensitive skin.  In addition there is always a section in the magazine about skincare research and new ingredients.  Bottom Line: If you are interested in skincare and like or love make-up Allure is the perfect magazine for you.

Skin Inc. is a must read for skincare professionals.  It may be of interest to the non-professional since there are always articles about skincare ingredients and spa treatments.  Bottom Line:  Be sure to read this if you are part of esthetics industry or thinking of becoming an esthetician.  If you don’t fit into either of those categories look at the website before subscribing.  Note – this publication is not available in stores.


New York Times – Thursday Fashion and Style Section – Skin Deep articles.  The topic of the articles in this weekly section vary tremendously but always somehow relate to the beauty/skincare industry.  For example this week the article is about Mark, the less expensive Avon make-up brand.  Last week there were three short articles about products and books.   Bottom Line:  Always worth a read.  Though topics vary they are always interesting.

The Skin Guru on Yahoo! by Dr. Leslie Baumann.  Written by a very well-known dermatologist this blog is always interesting and informative.  Dr. Baumann is always on target with the latest skincare concerns and innovations.  I just have one problem with Dr. Baumann – she doesn’t like estheticians and makes her opinion very well-known.  That upsets me since I truly believe that the work estheticians do only complements and helps the work of dermatologists.  Of course I also believe that estheticians have an important role in educating and helping the public when it comes to proper skincare, especially sun protection.  Since Dr. Baumann is so well-known I wish she would temper her negative message about estheticians.  Nevertheless I enjoy her blog a great deal.  Bottom Line:  If you are interested in skincare this is a must read.  is written by a medical student.  The posts are interesting and topical.  Bottom Line:  Well worth a read if you are interested in skincare.

This is just a sample of sources for great skincare information.  In another post a will recommend some of my favorite websites.

Please feel free to recommend some of your favorite skincare resources.


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