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Intriguing New Anti-Acne Product January 16, 2010

In the newest issue of New Beauty magazine I came across a new hair care product that also claims to treat acne.  Immediately I was intrigued.  The product is called Kairos Acne Care Solutions, and the line consists of a shampoo, conditioner, a pore perfecting treatment, and four different hair styling products.  Dermatologists have identified eleven different subgroups of acne including a subgroup of acne caused by hair care products.  Since hair care products tend to contain lots of oils and heavy ingredients in order to work they also can clog pores. 

Once again I’ll use myself as an example in order to illustrate just exactly what this type of acne is.  I have very thick, dry, coarse, curly hair and use many (maybe too many) styling products and conditioners in order to make my hair look half way decent.  I always have small breakouts right behind my ears.  I realized that these breakouts had to be caused by my hair care products, but I decided that my hair looking good was more important than breakouts behind my ears so I haven’t changed my hair care routine.  Additionally, I almost always have small breakouts on my back.  Once I realized that these breakouts were probably caused by my conditioner (my hair would hang down my back after I put on my conditioner in the shower and stay there while I went on with the rest of my shower routine) I started putting my hair up with a clip while the conditioner was on it in the shower.  The breakouts on my back are pretty much non-existant since then which, of course, made me finally realize the connection between hair care products and acne.  So having said all of that it is no surprise that I would be interested in this new product.

The Kairos website has a very clear explanation as to how your hair care products can both cause and/or aggravate your existing acne.  They claim that the ingredients in their hair care products do not contain acne aggravating or pore clogging ingredients and as such will help eliminate and then prevent breakouts.

I can’t give a review of the product yet since I haven’t tried it, but I definitely think I will try it in the future.  I am very intrigued since any new anti-acne products are of interest to me.  Once I try the product I’ll post a review.


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