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Discounting Dysport – Is It Ethical? March 13, 2010

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The New York Times  published an article about Dysport’s new advertising claim that offers rebates to consumers if they try the product or even a rebate on Botox if the consumer is unhappy with Dysport.  Both Botox and Dysport are purified forms of botulinum toxin that when injected into the skin result in the temporary freezing of muscles so that skin, particularly on the forehead, appears smooth and wrinkle free.  Both injectables have other applications that result in a more youthful and relaxed appearance.

Dysport was only introduced last year so until then Botox enjoyed a monopoly in the injectable toxins market in the United States.  This rebate deal is a way for Medicis, which markets Dysport, to try to attract new consumers away from Botox.  The ethical dilemma that might come into play with the discount is the fear that both doctors and consumers will make decisions about the use of the injectable based on finances (and even greed) and not safety.  Promoting a drug in the same way as one would a mattress or a cell phone (or any other number of products) strikes some as a problem since consumers come to view these procedures as run of the mill and forget the risks involved.  Basically such campaigns run the risk of turning medicines into mattresses while the medicine’s unique medical issues and risks are forgotten.

Read the article and decide for yourself:

To Take on Botox, Rival Tries Rebate  The New York Times March 11, 2010


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