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Why Visit An Esthetician? And How to Find a Good Esthetician April 14, 2010

I was already planning on writing this post when I received a question the other day from a reader.  The reader asked basically:  “How can you know if you’ve found a good esthetician?”.  This post will attempt to answer that question, and I would love comments and feedback from readers if they agree or disagree with my take on things.


Why Should You Visit An Esthetician?


The way I see it first and foremost you should visit an esthetician to get expert skincare advice.  There is so much confusing skincare and product information available to the average consumer that it is completely overwhelming.  Estheticians are concerned with the beauty and health of the skin so if you have questions or concerns about the appearance of your skin an esthetician can help you cut through all “the noise” so to speak and help you understand what ingredients and products are right for your skin.  Of course, if you think that you might have a skin infection or if you have a suspicious growth, etc. do not go see an esthetician about those concerns.  You need a doctor to address those issues.

Go to an esthetician to relax.  A basic facial should for the most part, except during the extractions part obviously, be a relaxing and pampering experience.  For instance when I do a basic facial I do a neck, shoulder, face, and hand massage during different points in the treatment.  When performing a basic facial I want my client’s to relax and forget about their problems for an hour.  There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself a bit.

You should go see an esthetician if you want to get to know your skin better.  I know that might sound a bit strange, but an esthetician will look at your skin under a magnifying light so she will see things that you cannot when you look in your bathroom mirror.  Additionally, estheticians are used to looking at all types of skin and skin conditions so they can let you know what they think of the health of your skin and help you plan a home care regime that will improve the look and health of your skin.

Estheticians can sell you great skincare products that are not available in stores.  Yes, there are great products out there that you can buy at the drugstore, Target, Ulta, and Sephora.  But there are also really wonderful products, quality products, that can only be purchased through an esthetician.  And there is no need to think that skincare products you purchase through an esthetician will be expensive.  You can find great products at all price points.

Get a treatment from an esthetician that you can’t do on your own.  By this I mean treatments like microdermabrasions and chemical peels, and even laser treatments if the esthetician works for a doctor.  These “hardcore” treatments will get you more dramatic results in much less time than by just using products at home.

Lastly, you might see an esthetician once a month, but you take care of your skin twice a day so go see an esthetician in order to develop a personalized home skincare regime.  Your esthetician can sit with you and go over the products you are using now, recommend new products, and write out the steps of your home care regime.  Getting the right home care products will make a tremendous difference in the upkeep of your skin and in its health and beauty.

How To Choose An Esthetician or How To Find A Good Esthetician

So I guess I should define what a “good esthetician” is.  I actually think that the definition of a “good esthetician” is entirely subjective when it comes down to it.  I think finding the right esthetician is finding the right esthetician for YOU.  And that comes down to chemistry, almost like dating.  Sometimes you click with a person, sometimes you don’t.  I actually only started to consider a career in esthetics because the esthetician I was going to see, and whom I trusted and liked, recommended that I think of this as a career path.  It took me time to take her up on your suggestion, but obviously I am glad that I did.  If you feel comfortable with someone than they are the right esthetician for you (and even help you figure out a career path).

When it comes to finding an esthetician to sculpt your eyebrows or do your waxing I would ask friends for recommendations.  If you like the way your friend’s eyebrows look ask her where she gets them done.  Or look online for reviews of spas.  Of course, the reviews that you find online can be overwhelming and confusing at times (one person loves a place, the next person who reviews it hates it) so I still think asking friends for recommendations is a good idea.

If you are someone who reads Allure and New Beauty and keeps up on all the latest skincare research herself I suggest you ask your esthetician some questions in order to gauge her knowledge level.  Personally, one of the reasons I entered this field is because there is always something new and interesting to learn; there are always new scientific discoveries that pertain to skincare so the field never gets boring.  I believe that estheticians should constantly be reading about new breakthroughs and keeping up with the latest trends in our field, but some people don’t find that as important as others.  But I do believe that it is important for consumers to be educated about skincare because, unfortunately, there is so much misinformation and marketing bs out there.  If the esthetician cannot answer your questions in a manner that you see fit (and I do feel it is ok for the esthetician to say “I don’t know the answer to that”) you might want to consider taking your business elsewhere.  Personally I also think that estheticians should talk to their clients about the importance of daily sun protection and emphasize the need to need to apply and reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

Don’t assume just because a spa is expensive that the estheticians who work there will be “better” than someone who works at a small business or works from her home.  Don’t forget how people often get jobs – through connections not necessarily through actual skill.  Yes, it is safe to assume that a spa that has made a name for itself will invest in extra training for its staff, but you also never know.

Another way to figure out if you’ve found the right esthetician for you is, of course, how much you enjoyed your treatment.  If you went to get a facial to relax and the esthetician talked the whole time perhaps you need to find someone new or simply be more clear at the beginning of the treatment of your expectations.  I actually think the more you speak up at the beginning of your treatment – whatever that may be a facial or an eyebrow waxing – the better.  If you are more clear on what you want the esthetician can give you the best possible service.

So those are my suggestions/ideas.  I would love comments!

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8 Responses to “Why Visit An Esthetician? And How to Find a Good Esthetician”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Very helpful information here! I hadn’t thought about all the ways that one could assess the esthetician. Because I know so little about my own skin and healthy skin care, it’s hard for me to figure out whether an esthetician is giving me good information or just trying to sell me products. The first step is to become informed myself by reading about skin care on your blog!

  2. teastin Says:

    Hi! I’m an esthetician and love your comments. All the above is true! I have a question from one esthetician to another. I am looking into starting my own business from home and want to buy a microderm machine. The one I am looking at is expensive, but I want something good. What do you suggest? Thank you!

    • cara Says:

      Have you looked at for the kit? We had a guest speaker from there at my school and she recommended it. I will be purchasing it after I graduate 🙂

  3. Gina Mello Says:

    thank you for posting. It’s a fresh prospective to our business!

  4. Sri Says:

    Look for an esthetician that is completely honest with you about your skin. You are right about estheticians not being the best just because of where they work.

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