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Latisse – Longer Eyelashes with No Risk? May 1, 2010

You’ve probably seen the TV ads with Brooke Shields for Latisse or you’ve seen the ads in a magazine.  Latisse, available by prescription, promises you longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes in about eight to sixteen weeks. 

This post was prompted by an article I just read in The New York Times entitled Long Lashes Without Prescription, but With Risks which was all about Latisse.  Overall the article focused on the fact that though Latisse, as a FDA approved treatment, was supposed to be available by prescription only it was readily available for purchase online and even in places like health clubs without either a physician consultation or a prescription.

So first off – full disclosure: I’ve been using Latisse for the last month and a half or so and love it.  For me Latisse has worked exactly as was promised, and I’ve loved having longer eyelashes.  Did I have any side effects?  Actually I had one.  Some of the solution got into my eye and for about two days I had a red, itchy, and painful eye.  I used eye drops regularly and the pain went away.  After that I was very careful to make sure that none of the solution got into my eye again.

What are the risks involved with using Latisse?  Like me you could get itchy, red eyes.  Or the skin in the area where you apply the product might become darker.  The risk everyone focuses on though is the fact that your eye color could become permanently darker when using Latisse.  Truthfully, the risk of that happening is actually close to zero but because you put the product on your eyelash line and not in your eye. 

I actually see no reason not to try Latisse IF you’ve consulted with a doctor before hand.  If you have certain eye conditions you are not a good candidate for Latisse  use and that is why you need to have a consultation with a doctor before trying the product.  Plus either the doctor who does the consultation or a nurse or esthetician who works for the doctor should carefully explain all the risks (as listed above) in using Latisse.  If someone tries to sell Latisse to you without explaining the minor risks involved in its use, I would buy the product somewhere else.

I found it interesting that The New York Times article did not mention that are numerous over the counter products that promise the same results as Latisse and apparently even a few might deliver similar results.  Could those products have side effects too?  And if yes, shouldn’t they use be more regulated as well?

Another interesting part of the article for me was how the doctors who are involved with internet sales of Latisse justify their participation in such sales.  It will be interesting to see if either the FDA or Allergan, Latisse’s manufacturer, succeed in stopping such practices.


3 Responses to “Latisse – Longer Eyelashes with No Risk?”

  1. Pam Says:

    I got Latisse from my dermatologist November 2009, went through two bottles, and love the results! Bare lashes aren’t that noticeable, other than a few longer strands and more lower lashes, but friends notice a big difference when I wear mascara. Since I finished my second bottle, I’ve been trying a different lash growth product since April 2010 to compare results. Latisse is more effective than the current non-prescription strength product I’m using, and there is less lash turn-over with Latisse. Less lash-turnover means more growth time. I almost bought generic Latisse online due to the lower price and thought against it. Due to side effects of the active ingredient, I’d rather trust my dermatologist office when purchasing another bottle.

  2. Dr. Roy Kim Says:

    Great post about Latisse.
    I have some similar articles on my website and blog about Latisse, and would be very helpful for any patient considering Latisse.


  3. Dorothy Says:

    I have been enjoying latisse for a while – I had a little irritation with initially – but then that went away. lashes actually got a bit too long after the first three months.

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