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Inexpensive Make-up Worth Trying June 22, 2010

If you like to change your make-up look often or just enjoy trying out make-up trends then you know that this can be an expensive hobby.  Luckily there are two inexpensive make-up lines that you can buy in order to experiment and not break the bank along the way – e.l.f  and Essence.

I’ve known about e.l.f., which stands for eyes, lips, face, for a while and mentioned before in this blog.  Their range of products is very extensive plus their prices cannot be beat.  I would suggest reading the online reviews before buying a product, though with the average cost per product being around $1 even if you purchase something you aren’t thrilled with it isn’t like you wasted a lot of money.  You can purchase e.l.f. online (though then you have to pay for shipping so the cost goes up) or at some Target stores.  My local Target has a small selection of e.l.f. products.  Or you can purchase some e.l.f. products online through Target.  Be sure to sign-up on the e.l.f. e-mail list – you’ll get almost daily emails about specials and sales.

I discovered Essence make-up recently when shopping at my local Ulta.  I had two dollars left on a gift card, and I wanted to buy a bronzer/blush combo.  Right before I gave up finding a product I wanted I spotted the Essence display and lo and behold there was a bronzer/blush combo for two dollars!  I’ve been quite pleased with my purchase.  The other day I needed an eyeliner sharpener and found a great one from Essence that sharpens two sizes of eyeliners – regular and jumbo.  Prices average about $2.50 a product.  You can buy Essence online through Ulta or in Ulta stores.

Have fun playing with your make-up!


One Response to “Inexpensive Make-up Worth Trying”

  1. fashionelle Says:

    yea it can be expensive, but I think the more expensive make up like designer cosmetics is better for your skin.

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