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Does Order Matter? How to Apply Your Skincare Products June 24, 2010

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If you use multiple serums and lotions on your face both in the morning and the evening it can be confusing to know when to apply what.   So how do you apply your products so that you get the results that you want?

The way to apply multiple serums is actually not too complicated.  Keep the following in mind:

  • Apply from thinnest consistency to the thickest
  • Apply the serums with the least color first

Be sure to stop and allow your serums to penetrate before applying another product.  I would suggest applying a serum, brushing your teeth for example, and then going on to the next step in your routine.

After applying your treatment serums apply your moisturizer if you are using one.  If the moisturizer that you are using does not contain spf protection apply your sunscreen.  Then apply your make-up.

Keep in mind that there are some products that you should not apply at the same time since the active ingredients cancel one another out.  For a list of those ingredients see my earlier post:  No Mixing Allowed.


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One Response to “Does Order Matter? How to Apply Your Skincare Products”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Good tips, I always wait until a serum is absorbed before putting on a cream, thanks for the mixing post too! So good to know 🙂

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