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Gift Idea for the Men in Your Life June 27, 2010


My husband has little interest in the myriad of skincare products that are poised to take over our bathroom.  So it was a great surprise to me when he showed an interest in Dermalogica’s shave products.   I had received a sample of the products and passed them along to my husband not expecting much of a response from him, but my husband not only liked the products he asked if I could get him so more.

A great way to introduce these products to the men in your life is through the Dermalogica Shave System Kit.  The kit contains five sample size products – daily clean scrub, pre-shave guard, soothing shave cream, post-shave balm, and defense block spf 15 – for $35.  The products are the perfect size for airline travel, by the way.  So if your husband travels as much for work as mine does and never checks a bag he doesn’t need to worry about having these products confiscated from him at airport security (and in case you might be thinking the TSA has let up on that policy – think again.  My mother just had a jar of jam confiscated from her at airport security).

The products are said to be for all skin types.

You can order online through Dermalogica or buy online or in stores through Ulta.


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