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Why I Sometimes Wish I was a Magazine Beauty Editor July 10, 2010

Perhaps you are like me and have sometimes wondered why certain beauty products get mentioned in glossy fashion magazines and certain ones never do?  Of course the answer is clear:  effective marketing on the part of the companies who want product placement in glossy fashion magazines. 

For inside look on how a marketing campaign aimed at fashion magazine beauty editors looks read this article from The New York TimesMimosas and Caviar for Breakfast.  The article describes a pampering and indulgent brunch for magazine beauty editors that introduces La Prairie’s new fall products.  (If you don’t already know – La Prairie is one of the most exclusive and most expensive skincare brands on the market)

Now how many of us wouldn’t want to spend our morning being wined and dined even if the goal of the meeting was more than transparent?  I previously reviewed Free Gift with Purchase by Jean Godfrey-June, Lucky magazine’s beauty editor, in which she chronicles the trials and travails of being wined and dined by beauty companies.  Believe me – I had little sympathy for her trying to explain how her job could be a drag at times.

Needless to say I would take one morning of free skincare products and mimosas any old day.


2 Responses to “Why I Sometimes Wish I was a Magazine Beauty Editor”

  1. Lolli Says:

    It’s a shame how much money is put into it all, makes you think that the reason why you pay more for a product is (perhaps) mostly down to the marketing.

    I’ve also seen blogs get asked to review products and they never really give an unbiased review. Which is a shame, but I guess if they said the truth they wouldn’t be offered free products very often from companies again.

    The second I see that happening I feel like I can’t trust their opinion. I’d rather give honest advice then have a number of free products filling up my bathroom.

  2. tanveer Says:

    Same here.. Sometimes I too wish I were the editor of a beauty magazine just for the free expensive stuff 🙂

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