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Bodywash that Gives Sun Protection July 19, 2010

In my opinion one of the more intriguing sun protection products on the market is bodywash that leaves behind sunscreen on your body even after you wash off the product.

The wash-on sunscreen works thusly:  the sunscreen is actually magnetically attracted to your skin.  The sunscreen is positively charged and your skin in negatively charged so the active ingredients in the bodywash actually cling to your skin and stay there after you shower. 

This is a great way to get moderate sun protection (the products have a spf of 15) with no hassle.  The bodywash won’t leave behind a sticky or greasy residue or feeling.  Since it is only a spf of 15 this is not adequate protection for a long day outdoors or a day at the beach.  But if you are only walking from your house, to your car, and going to work this will give you enough protection.

Product to try:   Solise

If anyone knows of any other bodywash products with spf please let me know.

Source and further reading:  Simple Skin Beauty by Ellen Marmur, MD, page 84 and SPF Body Wash


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