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What Freckles Say About Your Skin July 25, 2010

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What are freckles and what do they “say” about your skin if you have them?

Freckles are an indication of sun damage; no one is ever born with freckles.  Luckily doctors don’t consider freckles dangerous, but since freckles are normally found on people with both lighter skin and eye color they are an indication that that person is at a higher risk for skin cancer.  Of course even people with darker skin can develop freckles.  If you have freckles be meticulous about using sunscreen and be sure to get annual skin cancer checks.

There is even a gene that is believed to be responsible for the formation of freckles.  That gene is called the MC1R gene and is associated closely with fair skin and red hair.  Freckles generally appear in early childhood and can increase with as a result of sunburn.  For some people freckles partly fade with age.

If you aren’t the type to embrace your freckles and would like to get rid of them consider getting laser treatments to do just that.  Or you could use topical lightening products in order to fade the appearance of your freckles – see my earlier post Help for Hyperpigmentation for more information.


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