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The Paraben Controversy – An Article Well Worth Reading August 3, 2010

Skin Inc. just published a great article about the paraben controversy.  The article, entitled The Truth About Parabens , does a great job of breaking down the controversy, the research, and the options consumers and estheticians have in regards to this issue.

Though I already covered this issue in a post back in February, once I read this article I decided that it was well worth sharing with my readers.  The authors of the piece, Carol and Rob Trow, succinctly and thoroughly go through the different studies that raised consumer fears about parabens, and the authors also cite the opinions of The American Cancer Society, the FDA, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, and  the Scandinavian Society of Cosmetic Chemists about the paraben issue.

I found that the final section of the article did a great job of summing up the controversy and the options skincare professionals and consumers have when it comes to buying products with parabens:

A large number of consumer groups and environmental organizations are questioning the current research that attests to the safety of parabens in cosmetics. There is reasonable evidence that there is estrogenicity in parabens, both natural and synthetic, but the relevance of this link to breast cancer is tenuous without more research, which is urgently needed.

Spa professionals should educate their clients using the facts about parabens. After that, let clients make their own choices. Carry the best and most efficacious products, and consider carrying a line that does not contain parabens if you believe it will meet your clients’ needs.

There is no way to end the controversy about the safety of parabens without objective, controlled, double-blind research into the matter, which has yet to be published. The debate continues.


Obviously there will be much more to report about the whole issue of parabens in the future – stay tuned and stay educated.


3 Responses to “The Paraben Controversy – An Article Well Worth Reading”

  1. Beth Says:

    Cetaphil has parabens. What else do you suggest in place of cetaphil? I’m an acne sufferer but am very sensitive to salicylic acic and benzoyl peroxide. If I use SA once or twice daily, get very sensitive and break around on my chin, which is my biggest problem area. And if I use it once or twice a week to exfoliate, I break out still.
    I’m just looking for a gentle cleanser comparable to Cetaphil without the parabens. =) Thanks!

    • Thanks for your question. I don’t know if I am actually the right person to answer your question since I don’t have a problem with parabens in skincare products. Pretty much all the skincare lines I know have parabens in them. I would suggest a few things:
      1. Look at the skincare products at your local health food store or Whole Foods
      2. Eminence Organics is a well known skincare line free of parabens – you can check out their products
      3. Bioelements just came out with a natural skincare line free of parabens – it’s called All Things Pure – you might want to check that out too.

      Good luck! If you find a cleanser that works for you please write a comment. Thanks!

    • green makeup Says:

      There are many excellent organic products without parabens and other toxic stuff, that are really healthy and provide benefits to your skin. You are safer without chemicals and above all your skin has chance to renew and heal itself naturally. Why using harmful chemicals if the nature provides all that we need. I’d suggest you to start looking for a certified organic skin care brand.
      Best wishes!

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