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Skin Care According to Life’s Phases and Events September 3, 2010

If there is one consistent thing that I can say about skincare it is that your skincare needs will constantly be changing.  Our skin changes with the weather and as we age.  Our skincare needs are affected by the products we put on our skin, by the stress in our lives, and by our overall health.  I’ve already addressed the topic of skincare needs according one’s age –  Skincare Tips for Your Teens and 20sSkincare Tips for Your 30s, Skincare Tips for Your 40s, 50s, and Beyond – but was prompted by an article in the newest issue of Allure (September 2010) to think about skincare according to life’s events.

The Allure article is entitled Skin Milestones and explores how to take care of one’s skin according to life’s biggest events:  college, graduation, a new job, getting married, pregnancy, turning 35, and menopause.  For the most part the advice in the article is spot on and helpful.  It is definitely true that you can see big changes in your skin when you start a new job or plan your wedding – each stressful events, no questions asked.  Stress affects our skin (and our health) in profound ways.  While you are pregnant your body is undergoing so many phenomenal changes it isn’t a surprise to realize that your skin can quite affected as well.  Lastly, menopause brings about tremendous bodily changes and affects your skin more often than not as well.  I think it is comforting to know that you are not alone is experiencing skin changes as your life changes, and it is important to think of tweaking your skincare regime as you notice changes.

While I might quibble with some of the specific product recommendations in the Allure article I do agree with the overall approach that is outlined for each skin milestone.  I especially liked the advice for brides to be – to get a serious skincare regime in place months before their wedding in order to look their best in photos.  Lets not forget that once all the wedding hoopla is over the only thing that remains are the photos and videos. 

(As an aside I was happy to see that Dr. Amy Wechsler, the author of one of my favorite skincare books The Mind-Beauty Connection, was consulted for this article)

So pay attention to your skin and remember that there is always a solution out there for what bothers you.


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