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When Should You Begin Using Anti-Aging Treatments/Products? September 29, 2010

I just learned that our bodies stop producing elastin around the age of 25.  That’s a pretty scary thought for some.  Elastin gives our skin its snap so if our bodies stop producing it so early are we all doomed to have saggy skin already in our 30s?  Should you be looking for the latest and greatest anti-aging products as you head out of puberty?

Some people would like you to think so.  It turns out that Dr. Perricone is introducing a new line of skincare products aimed at women ages 25 to 30 years old and yes, these are anti-aging products.  The product line is called Super by Perricone, and this is the description on the Sephora website (the products are available via Sephora and there is a freestanding store in Berkeley, CA) describes the products as such:

Super foods are the world’s (and our skin’s) new super heroes. Inspired by a passion to feed hungry skin, Dr. Nicholas Perricone—founder of the highly effective skincare brand Perricone MD—created SUPER, a nourishing collection of formulas for your face and body. Infused with phytonutrients derived from the some of the most powerful superfoods and formulated with advanced patented sciences, SUPER allows your skin to indulge in nature’s most nutritional bounty.

Dr. Perricone’s inspiration for SUPER was born from his passion for empowering others to take control of their health by bringing awareness to superfoods.

Achieving beautiful skin is as much about what you put in your body as what you put on it. With this concept in mind, Dr. Perricone began to explore the effects that antioxidant-rich superfoods have on the skin. His obsession with foods like watercress, known for its detoxifying effects, and chia, celebrated for its high levels of DHA and EPA, inspired him to design a collection of face and body products that combines these superfoods with his patented sciences. The result is SUPER.

According to the article Preserving the Dewiness of Youth in The New York Times :

Kat Fay, a senior analyst at Mintel who writes an annual skin-care report, thinks Super is part of a trend of getting women involved earlier in the fight against aging. “They are trying to hit them up with the prophylactic angle,” she said. “You look dewy and sweet now, but what about 10 years from now? Your life is over!”

At the St. Regis recently, Dr. Perricone defended his grab for a younger demographic. “Vanity is a great motivator,” he said between sips of jasmine green tea with cinnamon (a “superfood” he adores). While it’s one thing to say “eat this way and reduce your cancer risk,” he said, it’s far more stirring to say, “you’ll look younger and more glamorous within three days.”


Of course it will be interesting to see if this skincare line becomes a hit with its target audience.  For The New York Times article five women were invited to try the line.  Their responses were interesting:

Five women invited to The Times to sample Super liked it, but cost was a concern. Only one, Rebecca Wiegand, a dating blogger from Brooklyn, said she’d actually buy it. “I was thinking about the SATs in the ninth grade,” Ms. Wiegand said. “So it only makes sense I am thinking about wrinkles at 27.”Another, Andrea Lavinthal, an author of the book “Your So-Called Life,” for women on the edge of 30, does believe she must act now if she wants her face and décolletage to look good in a decade. “Thirty is not baby-faced,” said Ms. Lavinthal, a beauty editor at “I feel like I’m on a landslide to 40. If I want to look like Julia Roberts in ‘Eat Pray Love,’ either I need to get a lighting crew or skin-care products.”

I looked at the Sephora online reviews of Super to see what people had to say about this new skincare line.  Though the responses were positive, very positive overall, it turns out that most of the reviewers were not of the target age the products are being marketed at.  Instead most of the reviewers were in the 35-44 age bracket not 25 to 30.  So is the Super by Perricone marketing strategy off target?  That remains to be seen.

I’ve read some of Dr.Perricone’s books and found their premise interesting (inflammation leads to acne and aging.  Eat an anti-inflammation diet and control your acne and slow down the aging process) but have never committed to his program.  I tried two of his skincare products and was deeply unimpressed (and let me not forget to mention how outrageously expensive his products are).  I’ll be interested to see if Super by Perricone is a success.  Certainly many people love Dr. Perricone and his products.  If this new line does well I am sure we will be many more like it, but allow me to remain quite skeptical at the moment that these products are anything special at all.  There is a lot of pseudo science behind the premise and promise of the products and not a lot of fact.

Though I think many women are concerned about aging even when they are still in their 20s not that many people do much about it.  From my experience people become much more motivated to use anti-aging products and to pursue anti-aging treatments once they see that first wrinkle.  In the meantime let me once again remind my readers – if you want to stay looking young use your sunscreen!  No matter what time of the year, as long as it is light out slather on that sunscreen.  I can assure you that sunscreen is one great anti-aging product that everyone should always be using since the sun breaks down collagen and elastin fibers in our skin which leads to wrinkles and sagging, causes broken capillaries and hyperpigmentation, and can also make our skin appear leathery and uneven in texture (and lets not forget cause skin cancer as well). 

And does Super by Perricone have an SPF product or offer sun protection in any of its products?  No, not as far as I can tell.


2 Responses to “When Should You Begin Using Anti-Aging Treatments/Products?”

  1. Gabi Says:

    I’ve read Dr. Perricone’s books, and I was able to put some of his suggestions into practice, and one of the most pleasant side-effects (besides losing 20 pounds so far) was that my saggy, droopy eyelids stopped being saggy and droopy–really loving it. Here are my before and after pictures:

  2. I am actually an Esthetician at the Berkeley Super boutique, and just wanted to mention that, as of March 2011, we have two products containing a broad spectrum, non-chemical SPF 25. 🙂

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