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How to Properly Remove Make-Up November 1, 2010

Ok – so even if you don’t always follow this advice everyone knows how important it is to thoroughly remove your make-up and properly cleanse your face at the end of the day.  I already wrote a post about how to properly wash your face – Is There a Correct Way to Wash Your Face?  – and recommended some make-up removers as part of that post.  Truthfully, I am still searching for the perfect eye make-up remover since I normally wear both waterproof eyeliner and mascara and they are very tough to remove.

If you want to make sure that your face is properly clean before applying your bedtime serums and moisturizers you need to do a double cleanse.  First you need to thoroughly remove your make-up and then you need to wash with your cleanser of choice. 

So what are the best products for make-up removal?  I am very partial to cleansing oils.  Oil dissolves oil so these products are great at removing make-up and will not dry out your skin.  An added bonus, and take this from me as someone who has been breaking out for 20 plus years, they will not clog your pores.  You apply the cleansing oil to dry skin, massage into skin, wet your face, and rinse.

Two of my favorite cleansing oils are:


Jane Iredale has an intriguing make-up removal product, the Magic Mitt, that claims to remove all make-up when just water is applied to the mitt.  I haven’t tried the product, but I would be very interested in getting feedback on it from someone who has.


Eye Make-Up Removal


I do find that even when I use my cleansing oil I need to go back over my eyes with an eye make-up remover to properly remove all my eye make-up (like I stated above I use waterproof eye make-up which is difficult to remove).  It is important to be gentle when removing eye make-up.  If you yank, pull, or tug too hard or too much on the area around your eyes you risk damaging the elastin fibers in that area and causing premature sagging there.  So the next time you remove your eye make-up observe yourself in the mirror and see if you are being too harsh when removing your make-up.  Then adjust your routine accordingly.  You can dip a q-tip in your eye make-up remover in order to make sure that you get rid of every last remnent of make-up in that area.


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2 Responses to “How to Properly Remove Make-Up”

  1. Dear askanesthetician,

    The Magic Mitt by Jane Iredale unfortunately does not work as it promises. It is quite a mess to remove your makeup with it, and my face did not feel clean afterwards at all. It feels like it was just smudged all over it 😦 There goes the magic.

    However I did find a product that is similar: Ecoco Cosmetic Glove. Claims to the same but this one actually does! It removed all of my makeup, even my waterproof mascara, with JUST water. All of it, it was just amazing and I could not believe it until having used it for a month in a row 🙂 You can use hot or cold water. It also left my face feeling cleaner, softer and more fresh than with anything else that I have tried.

    The best thing about it compared to the Magic Mitt is that Ecoco Cosmetic Glove is much cheaper, a third of the price, and when you wash it, no stains are to be found.

    You should definitely try out, so you can stop the oil hassle 🙂 Hope this helps! Cleo.

    • Thank you very much for your comment and for sharing your experience. I will definitely look up the product you recommended. Since writing the above post I’ve changed my nightly cleansing method. I now use the Clarisonic Mia with a gentle cleanser and follow with a SA cleanser (that I use my hands to apply).

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