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Dos and Don’ts for Winter Skincare November 15, 2010

Last winter I wrote a post called Winter Skincare Tips which I think still has great tips for winter skincare.  In this post I would like to expand on the subject of winter skincare a bit after having just read yet another great skincare article in The New York Times Change in Season and Regime.

Winter is a great time to start laser hair or tattoo removal treatments.  During the summer months your skin is likely to be tan to one degree or another.  If either laser hair or tattoo removal treatments are performed on tanned skin you run the risk of a burn or hyperpigmentation.  Plus any area that you are having laser hair or tattoo removal done on needs to be kept out of the sun.  As the days shorten and get colder it is much easier to keep the skin being treated out of the sun as you cover up and stay indoors.   The same logic goes for facial laser treatments as well.  It is imperative to stay out of the sun after facial resurfacing so doing those types of treatments over the winter makes that recovery easier as well.

Winter is also the ideal time to get sclerotherapy or vein treatments done since you will look worse before you look better after such treatments.  In the winter it is easier, of course, to hide the areas you had treated before they are completely healed.

And don’t forget to exfoliate your body over the winter.  By gently exfoliating your body during your shower and moisturizing immediately after you shower you can easily ward off itchy, dry winter skin.  Dead skin cells accumulate on the top layer of our skin during the winter.  As skin cell turnover slows the skin might begin to feel itchy as water evaporates off your body so by exfoliating gently and moisturizing you can stop this process from happening.  While there are numerous body exfoliating scrubs on the market you can make your own at home by combining table sugar with olive oil.  It works and is cost effective though it is a bit messy.

Do get a humidifer for your home.  It can make both you and your skin feel better during the winter.

Do use your sunscreen!  Sunscreen is a must year round.


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5 Responses to “Dos and Don’ts for Winter Skincare”

  1. Great post. I had my first chemical peel and it was great. Not as painful as I thought it was going to be. I have a question about facial hair removal. I have been told and I’ve also read, that Black Americans have a high risk of being scarred by lasers or electrolysis. Is this true? Thank you for your advice, suggestions.

    • The darker your skin tone is the higher risk of getting hyperpigmentation from laser treatments or chemical peels. There are lasers on the market that can work on all skin tones and all hair colors. Before starting any laser hair removal treatment make sure you ask if the laser the place will be using is meant to work on your skin tone and hair color – if it will not only be safe but effective as well. Make sure the technician who is working on you is trained to know not only how to properly use the laser but how to set it for your skin tone and hair color as well. Ask lots of questions! If you don’t get the answers you want try another place. Good luck! I’m glad to hear that your first chemical peel went well. I just gave myself one last night. I hope my skin is looking great by next week. By the way, electrolysis is only good for your face since it take a long time to perform.

  2. Thank you so much! The reason I had the chemical peel performed on my chin area is to lighten and smooth the area due to my constant plucking. I can’t stand to feel a coarse hair on my chin. So I pluck it to keep my skin smooth, which incidentally caused some dark spots. I will try this chemical peel once a month or twice a month to lighten the area and when I get back to the States, will look into permanent hair removal. It’s just three or four spots, but it drives me crazy. LOL! Thanks, again!

  3. JoAnn M Says:

    Are there any body exfoliating scrubs that you would recommend for purchase?

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