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How Often Do You Need to Change Your Skincare Products? March 28, 2011


If you’ve had the same skincare routine for some time are you doing something wrong?  Is it imperative to change your skincare products periodically? 

The straightforward answer to this question is no.  If your skin looks good and you are happy with your appearance there is no need to change the skincare products you are using.  Your skincare products do not stop working after a certain amount of time nor do they lose their effectiveness in treating your skin over time (as long as they are not expired, of course).  There is no such thing as your skin getting used to a product thus rendering the product ineffective. 

I actually really love Paula Begoun’s answer to this question:

Myth #19:
Your skin adapts to the skin-care products you are using and you need to change to new products every now and then.

Skin doesn’t adapt to skin-care products any more than your body adapts to a healthy diet. If spinach and grapes are healthy for you they are always healthy, and they continue to be healthy, even if you eat them every day. The same is true for your skin, as long as you are applying what is healthy for skin (and avoiding negative external sources such as unprotected sun exposure) it remains healthy.


If you’ve always used a certain moisturizer and it works for your skin by all means continue to use that product.  Of course if you are curious about a new product and that product is formulated for your skin type feel free to try it.  But just because you’ve been using something for 20 years doesn’t mean that you need to stop.


So When Do You Need to Change Your Skincare Products/Routine? 


You need to change your skincare products when something changes with your skin or if you want to treat a specific issue.  For example if you’ve never used or needed a moisturizer before but now you feel that your skin is dry and/or dehydrated you can add a moisturizer to your skincare routine.  Most people might find that they need to change their products as the seasons change.  For instance though I have oily skin I definitely need a moisturizer during the winter since weather can be so harsh for so long in the Chicago area.  But when summer finally comes around I find that I don’t need to use both a moisturizer and a sunscreen – sunscreen is all I need since my skin has enough moisture on its own.  Also as the seasons change you’ll find that you need different formulations for your favorite products – instead of a creamy moisturizer you might want to switch to a gel or serum formulation.  You’ll need to change your skincare products/routine as you age since you’ll want to add products with antioxidants, peptides, and other anti-aging ingredients to your routine.  While you are pregnant and nursing you’ll need to stop using certain products like prescription tretinoin creams. 

Now what if you are like me – a self-proclaimed “product whore”?  I’m last person to tell someone not to try a new skincare product as long as you keep in mind your skin’s needs.  Just because your favorite fashion magazine declared a product the most amazing anti-aging cream ever doesn’t mean you have to or need to try it especially if it will counteract with something that is going on with your skin.  For instance this new miracle product is rich and creamy and you have combination skin with a tendency to breakout then this new anti-aging cream is not for you.  For reasons like that I leave a lot of my product experimentation to my make-up and stick to tried and true products for my skin. 


Further viewing:

This post has written after a friend of mine asked me the above question, but I was actually already toying with the idea of writing about this subject anyhow ever since I saw the following video on WebMD: Switching Skincare Products.



6 Responses to “How Often Do You Need to Change Your Skincare Products?”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Another good post – thanks for continuing to share. Your writing style and delivery is very solid 🙂

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  3. bel Says:

    Is it alright to mix different brands of skin care? Also,can isit alright to go back to an old skin care after you have just change your skin care few months ago?

    • It is fine to mix and match products from different brands. You can go back to your old skin care products after changing them a few months ago, but keep in mind that you need to try new skincare products for at least three months before you can really tell if they work or not.

  4. […] no!  I actually wrote about this very issue in my blog almost three years ago in a post entitled How Often Do You Need to Change Your Skincare Products?  In the post I […]

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