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What Does the Future Hold for Home Beauty? March 3, 2011

My March issue of Allure arrived a few weeks ago, and since it is the 20th anniversary issue of the magazine it is overflowing with useful and fun information .  There is a beauty timeline for the last 20 years, an interesting article about the five top American beauty innovators, a comprehensive survey about what Americans consider beautiful, and an article about the power of beauty amidst the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti (unfortunately that last article is not online).  But what really caught my attention was an article entitled Bath to the Future all about the future of home beauty and other beauty innovations making their way to our lives.

I found it fascinating to read the article and to think about what products will one day be available for home use.  Additionally, I think it will be extra interesting to revisit this article in another 10 to 20 years to see which products actually are available and which just remained an idea in the end. 

A few of the beauty ideas mentioned in the article were particularly interesting to me.  Lets start with sun protection.  New homes will soon be built with SmartGlass which will screen out more than 99% of the UVA and UVB rays.  There will also be glass that changes from clear to tinted with the switch of a button thus eliminating the need for privacy shades.  Homes will have spray-tan like booths that will dispense sunscreen and anti-aging creams all over the body.  And even more interesting, to me at least, is the idea that there will be a sunscreen pill one day.  Well sort of a sunscreen pill.  The pill will work in our bodies from the inside out to repair cell damage caused by UV rays.

Get ready for smoother, plumper skin without the need for injections.  In the future when you need fillers you will be able to stick a hyaluronic acid gel patch onto your skin at night in order to plump your skin by the morning.  And a wipe on botulinum toxin, called Revance, will be available to wipe on your crow’s-feet (the wrinkles by your eyes) at home in order to smooth those wrinkles.

There will be home lasers that kill hair follicles just like laser hair removal at spas and medical offices.  Over a period of time they would remove hair permanently.  In addition, there will be an all-purpose device for home use that will deliver a slew of therapies – radio-frequency, ultrasound, laser, and light – that will treat a large number of common skincare and body issues like acne, sun spots, thinning hair, and fine lines and wrinkles.  In addition, there will even be a laser pen for home use that will remove age spots and skin growths.

And get ready for a sensor that reads your skin in order to let you know if your skin is oily, lacking moisture, and how much redness your skin has.  Or a magnifying mirror that is built into your existing mirror.  You will be able to touch a screen that contains a tiny camera in order to zoom in onto your own image.  That screen can also track your appearance over time and even allow you to play around with your features in order to see how you would look after cosmetic surgery.  You could even have personalized make-up lessons in your bathroom.  Make-up instructions would pop up on your bathroom computer and you would watch a step-by-step video instructing you on to apply your make-up.

I don’t know about you, but I am actually very excited to see what the future holds in terms of beauty innovations.  Bring it on!


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