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Help Support Skin Cancer Research May 26, 2011


As May, Skin Cancer Awareness Month, comes to an end I wanted to highlight a few ways all of us can help support skin cancer research.

Consider donating to the Melanoma Research Alliance and/or The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Or if you prefer to donate in a more roundabout way – consider buying from one of these companies.  When you do a donation will be made to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

And remember to always set a good example when it comes to sun protection.  Never use a tanning bed and educate others on the risks of tanning beds (see my post Teens and Tanning Beds for more information).  Always apply sunscreen daily.  Wear a hat and sunglasses when you are outdoors.  Get a skin cancer screening

Also help out by signing a “ letter to the Surgeon General asking her to urge the FDA to enact stricter regulations and more oversight of tanning beds”.  The letter is sponsored by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

The Skin Cancer Foundation offers even more sun safe tips.

Have a great and sun safe Memorial Day Weekend!


One Response to “Help Support Skin Cancer Research”

  1. This is fantastic information! Too many people brace the summer sun without any protection. I think many do not realize the dangers of skin cancer and unfortunately a lot do not start to protect their skin until it is too late. I have an article on my blog about the dangers associated with sun-bathing and the associated premature aging from the sun’s rays. It reads nicely with your article in conjunction. Sun bathers need to know the side effects of the sun’s warm rays, especially with the holiday weekend approaching. Thanks for your great article. If you are interested, you can view my piece on anti-aging at

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