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Sun Protection 101 June 21, 2011


Today is June 21st, officially the first day of summer, so it is only appropriate that I write about proper sun protection today.  Over the past few months I’ve actually been gathering online articles and information about sun protection to share with my readers so that everyone can have a sun safe summer.

Below is a list of great resources (online articles and videos) to teach you everything you need to know about proper sun protection:


Here’s to sun safe summer everyone!


2 Responses to “Sun Protection 101”

  1. Samantha Says:

    This is a great resource page! I’ve honestly never seen The Skin Cancer Foundation’s online school, and it really does teach you the facts in an interesting, fun way. To help stay sun safe, I cover my kids in 50, and make sure they wear protective clip on sunglasses over their glasses. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Desiree Says:

    I’m a “hat-a-holic” always in search of the perfect hat to protect my face from the sun that’s not goofy looking and this is it. I use it for the beach and am able to lean back and read in my chair without bending the brim. The brim stays put but is flexible to pack away and also withstand the wind. I also am able to put my hair up in the top without it making the brim too tight and without having a huge lump on top of my head. I plan to buy another in black to match my black bathing suits. I’m 45 and everyone says I look 35 and I attribute that to wearing hats in the sun for gardening, the beach, the lake or ANYTHING outdoors. You will love this hat – I promise!!!

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