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Make-Up Mistakes That Age You July 18, 2011

Make-up can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  It all comes down to what products you choose to apply and how you apply them.  Even a little make-up can go a long way in making you look and feel fabulous.

I like what Christopher Hopkins, author of Staging Your Comeback, has to say about make-up after the age of 45:

I believe that we all have an inner spirit and that this entity inside the body is young, alive, and with purpose.  That’s the glory of makeup – it helps you to express your inner spirit more accurately.

When you’re young, make up can be used for art.  You can have fun trying different shades, colors, textures, and combinations.  But as you age, your makeup should become more focused — simpler.  You truly need only the basics.  The rest is fluff for makeup lovers and sales for cosmetic companies.

Many women are so confused with the myriad of options that they’d rather do nothing than try something that doesn’t work.  In other words, they’d rather look plain than foolish.  Still others cling to make up colors and techniques that worked when they were younger, but haven’t learned how to adjust to their age.

Knowing your ideal makeup style that not only balances feature but also visibly lifts the face is one of the key secrets to youthful beauty.

Think up.

UP with your brow arch, up with your eye liner, up with your lip shape, and up with the blush.  Use light and dark to contour areas that may be sagging and to lift with light areas such as brow bone, check bone and the tip of the nose.

As you go through life it is definitely important to take some time now and then to reevaluate your make-up colors and routine.  What worked for you when you were 20 probably won’t work for you when you’re 45.  Make-up trends come and go, but certain rules always hold fast and true.

First and foremost go get your brows done professionally.  Nothing changes and enhances your face like well groomed brows.  Have them done professionally as a guide.  You can try to recreate the look at home, but do remember of all the beauty and spa treatments out there a brow waxing or design is one of the most affordable.  If your brows have become sparser as you have aged start filling them in with brow powder or a brow pencil (or both).  If your brows have gray and you don’t like that consider dying them.  You can try this at home, but at least for the first time I would go to a professional.  Also try not to over pluck.  If you have over plucked in the past you can use Latisse to grow back your brows.  So many people completely underestimate the power of a well groomed brow – don’t be one of them!

Don’t wear dark lipstick!  I cannot emphasize this enough – do NOT wear dark lipstick.  As you age you actually want to use lighter make-up colors as opposed to darker make-up colors.  I understand that a lot of women think that they need to use darker lipstick as they age since they feel that their face have lost a lot of color.  There is an easy solution to this issue – use blush.  Even a subtle application of blush will bring life and vitality back to your face.  Dark lipstick does not do that.

Curling your eyelashes will instantly open your eyes.  Use at least a little mascara to complete the look even if you don’t want to use eye shadow.  And speaking of eye shadow – stay clear of frosted eye shadow since it will enhance wrinkles and creepiness.

Be sure to moisturize your skin for a healthy glow.  Using a tinted moisturizer is a great way to easily even out your skin tone and get a healthy, dewy look all at once.  Set your make-up with transculent powder.

And don’t forget the power of primers.  Face primer will help temporarily fill in wrinkles so that your make-up goes on more smoothly and lasts longer.  Eyelid primer does the same thing for your eye shadow.

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And in case you need any inspiration be sure to check out how Glenn Close looks on the TV show Damages.  Her make-up and hair style are simple and classic (not to mention her clothes), and she looks like a million bucks.


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