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Over Tweezed Your Brows? Don’t Worry! August 29, 2011

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Simple Tricks for Perfect Looking Brows

I am slightly obsessed with eyebrows.  I am constantly looking at people’s eyebrows, and I can’t look at a model in an ad or a fashion magazine without examining her eyebrows.  I am not sure from where all this eyebrow obsession stems, but I don’t see if going away any time soon.

For me one of the more difficult things that I do as an esthetician is sculpt eyebrows.  While there are some people (Anastasia and Damone Roberts immediately come to mind) who have built their careers on eyebrow design I’m more of a skincare esthetician.  For me it comes down to this – brows are so personal.  What I may think is the right look for someone’s brows isn’t at all what they want.  People also can have expectations of how their brows should look that isn’t always possible to achieve.  But here’s the good thing about brows – even if you don’t like the way your brows look now they will grow and change, letting you create a new brow design.

I am in a constant battle with my own brows.  I stare at them every morning and evening and contemplate what I should do with them.  Now brows are rarely perfectly symmetrical, but I cause myself numerous problems by trying to make mine look the same.  I tweeze my brows rather regularly.  I need to clean up stray hairs on a twice daily basis and then every few weeks I have to do a major design overhaul of my brows.  But then the problem is this – once I take out my tweezers to do a major overhaul I usually go overboard.  Just two weeks ago I had to tell myself “do not take out your tweezers again – leave your brows alone”.  I had ended up over tweezing.  Now each morning I fill in my brows (I fill in my brows in general every day since my brow hair is sparse) so that my brows look even and fuller – aka not so over plucked.  Though some people swear by eyebrow pencils to fill in sparse brows I prefer brow powder (try bareMinerals or GloMinerals) that I apply with a very small slanted brush.  Using a small slanted brush gives me control over where and how much of the product I apply.  Since I have curly brows I then set everything with clear brow gel (I use e.l.f. – only a $1!).   I will leave the house without make-up, but I will not leave the house anymore without making sure my brows look tiptop (or at least trying to make them look good).

Never under-estimate how great a well-groomed brow can make you look great.  If you want to do only one thing in order to look good invest in how your brows look.  I wrote a long post called Change Your Eyebrows, Change Your Life that gave an exhaustive number of tips on how to take care of your brows, but I only briefed touched on filling in sparse or over plucked brows.  But prompted by an article I saw in Self magazine I wanted to right that wrong.

The article, Quick Eyebrow Makeovers, does a great job of both explaining and showing  how you can make your over plucked brows look fabulous with a few simple tricks.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you are using a brow pencil to fill in sparse brows do not draw a straight line with the pencil.  Instead make small strokes with the eyebrow pencil that mimic the look of real hairs.
  • Use a slanted brow brush (or any small slanted brush) to apply your brow powder.  Tap the powder off the brush before applying to your eyebrows so that you don’t apply too much powder at once.  It is always best to be able to add brow powder instead of trying to subtract.
  • Try Latisse or Rogaine on your brows in order to speed up regrowing them.
  • If your brow hair is curly like mine trim your hair.  Take a spoolie brush and brush your brow hair below your brows.  Trim a little bit off the ends of the hairs that fall below the brow line.  Brush the hair back in place to see how it looks.  Then brush your brow hair up above the brow line to and trim again if necessary.
  • Hide your tweezers!  Put your tweezers down for a few days to see how your brows start growing in on their own.


For great, step by step instructions with illustrations on how to fill in over tweezed brows see the article Here and Brow from Beauty,etc.


Don’t give up!  A few minutes (or even less) in the morning filling your brows will make a huge and positive difference in your appearance.


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