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Damp Skin + Your Skincare Products = Happy Skin September 6, 2011

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If you want your skincare products to penetrate and work up to their promised potential try one small trick: apply them to damp skin.  There is a difference, of course, between damp skin and wet skin.  If you apply skincare products to wet skin they will simply slide off, but damp skin, according to Allure, “acts like a sponge, quickly absorbing whatever comes its way.”

According to David Bank, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia University/New York-Presbyterian Hospital, “when the skin is hydrated and plumped up – after cleansing or a warm shower – ingredients penetrate more easily into and between cells, which is especially important when you’re using products that need to work their way down into the slightly deeper layers of skin to do things like stimulate collagen.  Any water molecules lurking about will act like lubricants.”

So the next time after you shower or wash your face be sure to gently pat your face dry and then apply your skincare products.  If you the idea of applying skincare products to damp skin still sounds a bit strange to you experiment with your body moisturizer after the shower for a few days and see if you feel a difference.

There is one exception to this skincare rule: mineral sunscreen.  If applied to damp skin mineral sunscreen can run, give uneven coverage, and look white and chalky on the skin.

Source and Further Reading:  Tip 3 from 8 Ways to Make Your Skin-Care Products More Effective in Allure


2 Responses to “Damp Skin + Your Skincare Products = Happy Skin”

  1. Katherine Says:

    What about toner?

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