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The Skincare Products Everyone Needs December 1, 2011

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This post was inspired by an article I read in the December issue of Lucky magazine:  15 Secrets From Top Dermatologists.  After looking over the three dermatologists suggestions for essential skincare products and tips for healthy skin I got to thinking about my top products and tips.  So here are my essential skincare products in no particular order:

  • The right cleanser – finding the right cleanser for your skin type is super important.  In a lot of cases you may need to have more than one cleanser on hand at home.  For instance, I always have a gentle cleanser (for removing make-up in the evening and washing my face in the morning) and a salicylic acid cleanser (to fight acne and inflammation which I use in the evening).  Making sure that you properly remove all make-up, dirt, and pollution in the evening sets the stage for proper product absorption and better overall skin health and beauty in the end.
  • An antioxidant serum – there are so many great antioxidant products out there so choose one!  Protect your skin from free radical damage and inflammation daily while also boosting the power of your sunscreen.  Apply every morning after cleansing.  This step maintains the skin you have today and prevents further damage in the future.
  • A specialized product – now which one depends on what your skin needs.  Perhaps you need Retin-A for anti-aging or breakouts (or both).  Or maybe you need a lightening product because of sun damage.  Most people need something extra to help their skin.
  • The right exfoliant – I am a big believer in lotion/serum exfoliants but if you prefer a scrub use that.  Just use something.  Exfoliating properly helps your skin look great and makes sure your other skincare products absorb better.
  • Sunscreen – this one should be a no brainer but in case someone needs a reminder you need a sunscreen daily, yes every single day even in the winter, to prevent skin cancer, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.  So much skin aging is caused by the sun, and there is a simple way to prevent that – use sunscreen.

So now that I’ve listed the skincare products I think everyone should have please share your opinion!  What do you think?

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