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Interesting Little Fact February 2, 2012

I’ve written more than once in this blog about how much I love Dr. Amy Wechsler’s book The Mind-Beauty Connection.  It turns out that I am not alone in my admiration for her book.  After reading her book the powers that be at Chanel approached Dr. Wechsler:

The Chanel-Wechsler romance is, in fact, a five-year courtship that is still evolving. “We call it working in ‘Chanel time,’ ” says Christine Dagousset, the brand’s executive vice president of fragrance and beauty.“We’d met with her, we read her book [Wechsler’s 2008 The Mind-Beauty Connection], we loved her philosophy, and eventually we decided it was a good time to get her inside.” Wechsler will serve as a liaison to the Chanel lab coats, weighing in on everything from formulation tweaking to final testing.

Like many a big-name doctor, Wechsler had toyed with the idea of creating her own line, though one thing always held her back: “I didn’t want to quit my day job,” she says. “But to be able to say to Chanel, ‘Try this ingredient! Try that ingredient!’—no one gets to do that!” Starting early this year, Wechsler’s practice will offer new treatments centered around various Chanel skincare launches. First up: a supernourishing process highlighting Hydra Beauty, a new moisturizing line that draws on the protective and hydrating abilities of the camellia flower, Chanel’s botanical mascot.

And it turns out that Chanel’s scientists are always thinking about the psychological impact of their products as well as their scientific formulations and that Dr. Wechsler’s expertise as both a dermatologist and a psychiatrist comes in handy for them:

“Skin’s connection to the brain has always been fascinating to me,” Wechsler says.  …

“When I met with the scientists at Chanel, they weren’t just thinking about chemical compositions—they were also studying psychological experiences with their products and using different psychological parameters in their thinking,” says Wechsler.


Though I have never been impressed by the Chanel’s skincare products perhaps I will reevaluate that notion in the future now that I know that Dr. Wechsler consults for the brand.





Photo from W Magazine


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