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Thanks The Beauty Brains! Or Skin and pH – Part II February 9, 2012

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Recently I wrote a post about skin pH which explained what affects our skin’s pH, how our skin’s pH can be compromised, and how to fix your skin if its pH  has been compromised.   After publishing my post Traci posted the following question:

Can you explain how a toner/tonic can help PH? Do you think one is necessary? Thanks!

I answered Traci by saying that I didn’t believe that you needed a toner after cleansing – basically that the idea that one had to use a toner after cleansing was out dated.

Shortly thereafter one of my all time favorite beauty blogs – The Beauty Brains – asked their readers who were beauty bloggers to submit questions to be featured on their blog and in the process get exposure for their blog.  Prompted by my post about skin and pH levels and Traci’s question to me I decided to ask the following question:

I was wondering what The Beauty Brains thought about the idea that you need to use toner after cleansing in order to restore the skin to its proper pH. I’ve come around to thinking that this is an outdated beauty idea, but I would love to hear your take on it.

 Very happily The Beauty Brains decided to answer my question and in the process feature this blog!  Thanks The Beauty Brains!  You can see The Beauty Brains’ answer to my question here.

(And thank you to Traci too for her question as well)


6 Responses to “Thanks The Beauty Brains! Or Skin and pH – Part II”

  1. Traci Kuhn Says:

    That was so fun to get my Beauty Brains e-mail and see your blog listed! I love them too. So……here’s my follow up question. At the end of their response they mention using an alcohol free toner (via amazon). Any idea why they would recommend that?

    And let me thank you for always posting valuable information and for responding so quickly to questions!

    • Hi Traci! Thanks for your questions and comments. I appreciate your support!

      I feel like when The Beauty Brains responded to my question they responded to the question as if I was only asking about alcohol based toners and not ALL toners. I think that is why they recommended an alcohol free toner at the end of their response since alcohol based toners and non-alcohol based toners do two different things.

  2. Traci Kuhn Says:

    Thank you and if you wouldn’t mind, can you tell me what a non-alcohol toner does for the skin?

    • Thanks Right Brain for clarifying your answer. The Beauty Brains continued support for other beauty bloggers is really appreciated (especially by this blogger)!

      Traci – non-alcohol toners can do a variety of things depending on their ingredients. As Right Brain pointed out in their comment they can give a refreshing feel to the face following cleansing. Some people feel that they need a toner to make sure they have really removed all traces of their make-up and cleanser (though I think if you do a good enough job cleansing this is an outdated use of toner as well). There are many toners that are hydrating so you can use them instead of moisturizer even or as a moisturizing step in your daily routine if you need that extra hydration boost. Some toners can be spritzed on your skin to set mineral make-up and to hydrate and refresh the skin throughout the day if you live in a dry climate. Some toners are loaded with antioxidants and skin soothing ingredients so by using a toner like that you are leaving behind a layer of protection on your skin. Or if your skin is very oily or you are prone to lots of breakouts getting a toner with salicylic acid or another oil dissolving ingredient can help fight acne and oiliness. (But watch out for how drying an extra step of salicylic acid can be. A salicylic acid toner isn’t for everyone)

      But otherall, I do have to agree with Right Brain – you don’t really need a toner at all. But many people still feel that step is necessary so if you want a toner than get one that is alcohol free.

  3. Right Brain Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Let me clear up the confusion about our inclusion of an alcohol free toner in our anti-toner post. The point I was trying to make is that you don’t really need a toner at all. And, worse, traditional alcohol toners can be drying because of the high concentration of alcohol. But, if you’re really a fan of toners (perhaps because you like the refreshing feeling they give you) and you still want to use one, there are non-alcohol options.

    I hope that helps. Thanks to everyone for submitting your questions to our blog and keep up the great work on your site!

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