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Alcohol and Your Skin March 19, 2012

How does drinking alcohol, particularly drinking alcohol excessively, affect your skin?  Truthfully it isn’t a pretty picture.

If you are a frequent drinker you are continually dehydrated which in turn affects your skin negatively in a few ways.  Your skin cannot regenerate collagen well if you are dehydrated, and furthermore dehydration contributes to dull looking skin.  These two factors combine to make skin look old and wrinkled.  Alcohol redistributes bodily fluids which then collect in the thin skin under your eyes causing eye puffiness.  Lastly, when you drink in excess you tend to wake-up numerous times during the night, which in turn disrupts your beauty sleep, and leads to a whole host of problems for your skin.

If you suffer from rosacea it is particularly important to forgo excessive drinking (and for some people drinking alcohol at all).  Alcohol not only causes facial flushing for those people with rosacea but it can exacerbate rosacea symptoms like facial redness and ruddiness.

So while drinking in moderation may actually be beneficial to your health, keep the excessive imbibing to a minimum in order to save your skin.


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