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Applying Skincare Products One on Top of the Other – Was I Wrong? April 9, 2012

Last summer I wrote a post about if you actually needed to wait in-between applying skincare products, and I pretty much concluded that unless the product manufacturer told you to wait before applying another product on top of the one you just applied or if the bottom product proved in compatible to the top product without a waiting period then there was no need to wait.

So it seems that I was slightly off the mark with the advice that I gave.  I’ve come around to a new way of looking at things because of a post I read on The Beauty Brains website and because of my experience with the Epionce skincare line.  Since starting to use Epionce I’ve learned that I have to wait, which is hard for me, between certain steps in the routine.  For instance after applying my Lytic lotion or my Retin-A (I alternate nights with these products) I have to wait at least 7 minutes, but more is preferable, before applying my Epionce moisturizer or I run the risk of deactivating the active ingredients in the Lytic lotion or Retin-A.  It turns out that you need to allow your skin to fully absorb a product before applying the next one or you run the risk of not getting all the benefits from your skincare ingredients.

So that got me thinking about how important it is to allow products with active ingredients to be fully absorbed into the skin before going ahead with your next step in your skincare routine.  My nighttime and morning skincare routines are now a matter of playing a waiting game.  I apply one product, go do something else like brush my teeth, apply another product, get dressed or put on my pjs, and then apply another product.  Quick?  No, but at least I now know my products are getting time to absorb and I am not diluting them or halting their effectiveness.

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2 Responses to “Applying Skincare Products One on Top of the Other – Was I Wrong?”

  1. Rae Says:

    Question: Recently, I do the wash-moisturize routine… And just before I go to sleep, I put on retin-a. On average, I put retin-a around an hour or 2 after I moisturize my face.

    Is that ok? Thanks in advance.

    P.S. This is an interesting subject to research on. Thanks.

    • I would definitely say that your routine is great. I put on my Retin-A at night, wait about 10 to 15 minutes, and then apply my moisturizer on top. You definitely are giving yourself enough time to let your products penetrate.

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