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Buy That Bag or Buy That Skincare Product? May 3, 2012

Lately I have been telling anyone who will listen how I like this show on VH1 called House of Consignment which follows the ups and downs of an online designer resale business based in Chicago.  I was intrigued by the show first because it takes place in Chicago (I live in the suburbs of Chicago), and also because I always like to see what other women have in their closets.  What struck me repeatedly while watching the show was how much stuff people buy, save, and then can’t give up even if they will never wear it again (or have never worn it to begin with).  I am also astounded by how much money people spend on their clothes, shoes, and bags.  It was interesting to see that women who are far from wealthy yet they find the money to buy numerous designer goods.  People shop for all sorts of psychological reasons that have nothing to do with the actual goods that they own but rather the feelings that the goods impart – such as status or a shopping high.

As you are reading this you are probably wondering – so what does that have to do with skin?  Well watching this show made me think – why do people invest so much in their clothes and accessories and not in their skin?  You wear your skin 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  Your skin protects you and keeps in healthy – shouldn’t you return the favor by investing in your skin?   I am lucky that where I work I don’t have a quota about how much skincare product I need to sell per week or month since I sometimes feel bad suggesting that someone buy a skincare product that costs close to $100.  But lately I got to thinking – should cost really be that much of a factor in choosing skincare products if you know that they work?  Instead of buying that new pair of shoes shouldn’t you buy that moisturizer instead?  Investing in your skin means you are investing in your health and what is more important than your health?

So perhaps the next time you are debating between buying that new designer bag and a new sunscreen you’ll get the new sunscreen.  Keep your skin happy and healthy so that when you do invest in a designer dress you look great wearing it.

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One Response to “Buy That Bag or Buy That Skincare Product?”

  1. Rae Says:

    Some people spend on both.

    I share the same sentiment. Of clothes, make up, and skin care. I tend to spend more (time and money) on skin care.

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