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When Your Skin Goes Psycho – Who or What Is To Blame? May 7, 2012

Has this ever happened to you – your skin is looking great and you’re feeling great because of it and then bam!  you wake-up one morning and your skin has gone psycho.  All of a sudden you have breakouts, dry skin, flaky skin, and you’ve lost that glow you had only hours earlier.  You are left wondering – why did this happen and how did this happen?

This recently happened to me and it got me thinking – do I need to change my whole skincare routine or do I just wait this out?  In every case the answer is very individual, but first and foremost – don’t panic and don’t throw out all your skincare products and start over.  Instead ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has the weather changed around you or have you moved to a different climate?
  • Are you experiencing a lot of stress?
  • Have you started using one or more new skincare products?
  • Have you been exposed to any possible allergens or harmful chemicals?
  • For the ladies – Are you about to get your period or did you just get your period?  Where are you in your monthly cycle?
  • Have you started taking new medications or are you experiencing a health issue?
Now the answers to the above questions are very individual since everyone can react differently to the same things.  If you the weather has changed around you (because of a change in the seasons or because you moved) you might need to change up your skincare routine a bit.  For instance as it gets more humid and hot switch to a lighter moisturizer, if you need one, and a more aggressive cleanser (maybe you don’t need a lotion or milky cleanser anymore but a foaming one instead).  If stress is impacting your skin negatively try best as you can to relax and eliminate the cause of your stress (I know – much easier said then done).
Medications can make your skin more sensitive (antibiotics can do this) for instance and hormones, of course, can cause breakouts.  So if you think your medication might be causing your skin issues consult with your doctor about what to do.  If you are aware that you always breakout around your period change-up your skincare regime in accordance to that schedule.  Use more acne fighting products just before you are getting your period in order to help control the increase in oil that can lead to breakouts.
If you started using new skincare products be sure to give your skin time to adjust.  Wait at least three month before determining if a new skincare product is really helping or hurting your skin.  Read labels carefully – some products might initially cause your skin to freak-out while you are getting used to them.
The other thing to do when your skin goes psycho is to just wait it out.  Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  And if like me you can’t actually figure out what is causing the changes in your skin give yourself, and your skin, a break.  If things don’t go back to normal within a few days or a week it might be time to change up your routine, but first take some time to just let things be.  This past time when my skin went psycho I really couldn’t figure out what was happening so I just left my skincare routine the same and waited it out.  Now my skin is back to normal.  There is always something to be said for having a little faith and patience.

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