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My Most Popular Posts August 13, 2012

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WordPress makes it easy to learn all sorts of statistics about your blog.  So it is always interesting for me to see which posts of mine are the most popular.

My Three Most Popular Posts

  1. How to Get Rid of Blackheads
  2. 13 Reasons You Should Get a Chemical Peel From an Esthetician
  3. Bumps on Your Arms: Solutions for Keratosis Pilaris

I’ve always found it fascinating that my post on keratosis pilaris is so popular.  The popularity of this post made me realize that this is obviously a common skin issue that many people are seeking relief from.

The Most Popular Search Terms That Lead Readers to My Blog

  1. Blackhead
  2. Sunscreen

And what’s the third most popular term that leads people to my blog?  Blackheads.  Since blackheads are a persistent, widespread, and vexing problem I am not surprised that so many people are searching online for solutions for this issue.

Top Shared Posts From My Blog

The results in this category were particularly intriguing to me.  Here are the top two posts that people shared from my blog:

  1. Are Parabens in Skincare Products Safe?
  2. About

I was actually pleased to see that people shared my post about parabens since there is an incredible amount of misinformation and misunderstanding out there about parabens, their use in skincare products, and their safety.

I was intrigued by the fact that people would share my about page with others.  What makes that page so interesting?

The most popular place to share my posts?  Facebook, of course, followed closely by Twitter.

And speaking of Facebook – if you haven’t liked my Ask an Esthetician page on Facebook yet please do!  I share articles and information there that do not make it into my blog.

And many thanks to all my devoted readers!

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Naomi Campbell and Estheticians September 13, 2010

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I am generally revolted by Naomi Campbell’s behavior yet I find her somewhat fascinating partly because it doesn’t seem like she ages at all.  The New York Times just published an article about Campbell which contains the following quote, surprising quote in my opinion, from the supermodel:

I’m a recovering person in progress. Every rehabilitation program I’ve been in says the same thing: Getting past the denial is half the battle. Take responsibility for your actions. No matter who you are, a banker or a model or an aesthetician, if you don’t do that, you’ll find yourself living in an insanity world.

I found it pretty funny that of all the professions in the world that Campbell could name she chose esthetician as one of them.   Is that a reflection of Camplbell’s 25 years in the beauty business?  Or does she simply think estheticians are severely in denial?  I do wonder what Campbell has against us estheticians.


Will Ferrell Sunscreen – I Kid You Not June 20, 2010

I don’t even remember any more why I was looking at the Fred Flare website in the first place.  But as I was tooling around the site I came across what I thought at first was a joke: Will Ferrell endorsed sunscreen  which benefits Cancer for College.  My husband is a big Will Ferrell fan so I thought buying him this sunscreen as part of a Father’s Day gift would be fun and a great surprise as well.

It turns out that Will Ferrell is a long time friend of the guy who founded the non-profit organization Cancer for College.  Craig Pollard founded Cancer for College after battling and surviving cancer twice before he turned 20.  Realizing that many families use up all their savings just to save the lives of their kids who have cancer he wanted to help those kids realize their dream of going to college.  The non-profit holds an annual golf tournament fundraiser which Will Ferrell always participates in, and now Ferrell has also lent his name and image (well partial image) to a sunscreen whose proceeds benefit the group.

The sunscreen is spf 30 and has a lightweight feel.  It went on easily and sunk in quickly.  I definitely recommend it for use this summer.

You can buy the Will Ferrell sunscreen through the Cancer for College website, Fred Flare, and even Amazon.


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Welcome to my blog! January 11, 2010

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I plan on using this blog to address skincare issues that interest me as a licensed esthetician.  I also plan to focus on reviewing books that relate to skincare, aging, beauty, and skin health. 

Any comments or questions are more than welcome.


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