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Hidden Acne Causes May 9, 2010


So perhaps for some people the topic of this post might seem like a bit of a stretch but bear with me.  Do you hold your cellphone up to the right side of your face?  Do you have breakouts on the right side of your face?  Do you forget to wash your pillowcase on a regular basis?  Can you never figure out the real source of your breakouts?

Both your cellphone (and your home phone) and your pillowcase are magnets for bacteria and dirt.  First think about your cellphone – you touch it without cleaning your hands, it falls and you pick it up, and then it usually stored in a dark, warm place (like a purse or a pocket).  All that adds up to a bacteria breeding ground.  When you press your cellphone into your face as you talk on the phone that bacteria is then transferred from your phone to your face.  According to a study your cellphone is the dirtiest object in your household!  So get those antibacterial wipes out and clean your cellphone (and all your phones) VERY often.

Your pillowcase holds onto dirt, debris, bacteria, and microscopic bugs and dust mites which can make it an acne causing stew.  And if you have sensitive skin make sure you use a laundry detergent that is free of fragrance, unnecessary chemicals, and colors since all these ingredients can irritate sensitive skin.  I make sure to wash my pillowcase once a week since I also usually sleep with wet hair covered in five million heavy and creamy hair care products. 

And speaking of hair care products make sure you use separate towels for your hair, face, and body.  Yes, I have three different towels in my bathroom for daily use.  You wouldn’t want your pore clogging hair care product to accidently be transferred to your face and cause breakouts.  Keep your towels separate and wash them on a weekly basis.



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