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Drink Your Way To Firmer Skin – Taste Test July 29, 2010

In February I published a post entitled Can You Drink Your Way to Firmer Skin? about Nescafe’s instant coffee with collagen which at the moment is only available in parts of Asia.

I explained in my post that:

It would be great to think that by simply drinking your morning coffee you are strengthening your skin and looking younger with each sip.  Our skin is comprised of two layers – the top layer called the epidermis and the lower layer (or “live layer”) called the dermis.  While the epidermis is primarily made of soft keratin, collagen makes up 70% of the dermis.  The dermis also contains elastin and hyaluronic acid.  As we age collagen and elastin break down and weaken and wrinkles and lines appear.*  As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts the best way to protect your skin, and even slow down this collagen and elastin break down from happening, is to use sunscreen.  Yet wouldn’t it be nice that if all you had to do to repair the damage to the collagen and elastin in your skin would be to drink some coffee with collagen?

Before you get excited and start to wonder when this coffee will be available in the US please realize that it simply doesn’t work.  If collagen is ingested via the mouth it is simply broken down in the stomach and then excreted.  The collagen never gets to your skin. 


I finished my post by asking:  how does the coffee taste?

Well now I have the answer to that question!  My husband just returned from a week-long business trip to Singapore, and one of his first stops after arriving in Singapore was to buy me the coffee.  I was very excited when he presented me with package upon his return and was eager to look at the ingredients and try the coffee.

Of course I must confess something:  I absolutely, positively HATE the taste of instant coffee!  When I moved to Israel 12 years ago, a country whose citizens enjoy espresso drinks in cafes throughout the day but almost exclusively drink instant coffee at home, I packed a small french press in my luggage to save myself from the horror of ever having to drink instant coffee.  So truthfully I figured I wouldn’t like the taste of the coffee; I was just really curious to see if I could taste something “different” – the collagen perhaps?  Since the package my husband brought me contained 20 individual servings of the drink I figured that once I had my taste test my husband, who does like instant coffee, would drink it. 

Ok – I hated it!  It turns out that this isn’t even “straight” instant coffee but a premixed drink with coffee, sugar, and cocoa in it.  In my opinion it was sweet and nasty tasting, but my husband declared that it tasted like instant hot cocoa (he meant that as a good thing).  I couldn’t discern any sort of collagen taste at all.

What can I say?  I wouldn’t recommend it as a beverage or as a beauty drink but as a cultural oddity it gets a thumbs up from me.


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