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Do You Really Need An Eye Cream? April 27, 2010

Do you ever feel that a salesperson is just trying to sell you an eye cream in order to make a sale and that you definitely don’t need one?  Or do you ever wonder why you need an eye cream at all?

As a self professed product junkie I, of course, use an eye cream, but does everyone need one?  My answer would actually be – no, not everyone needs a separate eye cream. 


When You Don’t Need A Separate Eye Cream


If the skin around your eyes and under your eyes is no different from the rest of  the skin on your face than just use your regular moisturizer and sunscreen (yes, your sunscreen too) in your eye area.  Yes while the skin around your eye area is more delicate than the skin on the rest of your face that doesn’t mean that you still need a separate eye cream if the one you are using for your face doesn’t irritate your eye area.


When You Do Need A Separate Eye Cream


I’ve already addressed two of the most vexing eye area problems in my blog already – dark undereye circles and puffy eyes.  If you suffer from either of these common problems then you will want to use an eye cream that addresses those issues. Or if for instance you find that your face is oily but your eye area is dry then I would recommend using an eye cream.


Recommended Eye Creams





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