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The Secret to Getting Compliments During Your Pedicure May 21, 2012

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I don’t know about you but my least favorite part of a pedicure is when the nail tech uses her file board to soften my callused heels and smooth out my rough skin.  Not only do I find this part painful, I also find it to be very ticklish.  I squirm and squirm in my chair just wishing that we could move on to the next part of the pedicure.

Just the other day when I went to get a pedicure the nail tech was very surprised (and pleased) by how smooth my feet were and that there was barely any need for her to use that dreaded foot file paddle on me.  The secret to my smooth feet?  Alternating the use of the two different products after every shower.  After I shower I either use:

  • Philosophy Soul Owner which has glycolic and salicylic acids to gently exfoliate the skin and moisturizing ingredients to hydrate

While I love to use both products, alternately, on my feet you could choose one or the other for your feet.  Use the Epionce product if your feet are cracked and painfully dry.  This cream heals the skin barrier so that your skin can properly retain moisture and be healthy.  If your feet are not cracked this is simply a great moisturizer (good for your lips too!).

Use the Philosophy product if your feet are rough and you need to get rid of dry, flaky skin.  Since this product has both moisturizers and gentle acids in it, it does double duty in terms of getting your feet sandal ready.

Though you can skip a night here and there when using a product like this I do recommend using them year round instead of just during the summer.  This way your feet stay smooth and hydrated all year round.

Your feet and your nail tech will thank you!

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Caring for Your Feet May 15, 2010


I think/I hope we might finally be having spring weather in Chicago so summer is just around the corner.  Summer always makes me think of pedicures and having nice looking feet for sandal wearing.  I suspect that I am not the only person who suffers from rough, even calloused, feet year round.  I’ve tried to treat my own feet with callouse removers in the shower – scrubbing away at my heels to no avail; I never saw much of a difference when I used an emery type board on my feet.  I have also tried different foot creams that advertised that they would smooth your feet.  Then finally I got a clue – glycolic acid!  It was time to try a body lotion with a hefty dose of glycolic acid (10%) in order to smooth and soften my feet, especially my heels.  After all two things that glycolic acid does is smooth and soften the skin.  Products with glycolic acid that are formulated for the body are stronger than those for the face and worth trying.  I’ve been using DDF Pedi-Cream for only about a week now and immediately saw results.  I’m converted – no more scrubbing away at my heels in the shower.  And what could be easier than just applying a lotion to your feet and heels after you shower?


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