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If You Can’t Fight Them, Join Them: Interesting Make-up Tip November 24, 2011

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I came across the following make-up tip in More magazine that  I found rather intriguing, not to mention ingenious.

Problem: Dark Circles Concealer Can’t Hide

Solution: Turn Your Shadows Into A Smokey Eye

Got chronic circles?  Try making them look deliberate by ringing your eyes with a soft, smoky liner.  Skip black, though: chocolate brown isn’t as harsh.  Then smudge with a clean cotton swab or one that’s been lightly dipped in a dove-gray shadow.

Now you can take or leave this advice, but you have to admit that it is a rather creative way of getting around a very common problem.

But if this tip isn’t for you then be sure to check out my solutions for undereye circles.


Great Sunscreen Article – Hooray! August 27, 2010

(Though I know that summer is coming to an end I thought it would be useful to highlight this article about sunscreen as a reminder that you need to use your sunscreen year round.)

Recently I read More magazine, a fashion/lifestyle magazine geared toward women who are 40+, for the second time.   The tagline of More is: “For women of style & substance”, and I have to say that the magazine lives up its motto.  While I have yet to reach the age demographic the magazine is geared toward (though I am fast approaching it), I enjoy reading the articles in the magazine and really like the fashion advice.  While reading the June issue of the magazine I came across an excellent article about sun protection and sunscreen entitled Customize Your Sun Protection Strategy.

The article does a great job of debunking sunscreen myths and truly covers all the important issue when it comes to sun protection.  The published version of the article, though not the online version unfortunately, has short but thorough “asides” about SPF ratings, getting enough Vitamin D, and what level of SPF you need.  I especially liked the fact that the article correctly explains that even moderate to little sun exposure can be harmful and that everyone needs a sunscreen on a daily basis even if they are not spending the day outdoors. 

I only have one quibble with the article.  The author of the piece Genevieve Monsma writes:

If the formula you choose contains only chemical sunscreen, you must re­apply it every two hours to ensure protection. And when you’re in and out of water or sweating a lot, you should reapply any sun protection every two to three hours, whether it’s a chemical or physical formula.

No matter what sunscreen formula you use – chemical or physical – you need to reapply it every two hours if you are outdoors.

Bottom Line:  This is a great article to both read and save for future reference.  A job well done More!


Elective Cosmetic Surgery for the Right Reasons January 24, 2010

Earlier this week a friend of mine gave me an old copy of More magazine (April 2009).  I had never read More before because I thought there wouldn’t be much in the magazine that I would enjoy since I am not their target demographic (the magazine is meant for women 40 and older, and I have about five years until I reach that milestone).  Much to my surprise I have really enjoyed reading the magazine.

In the copy of the magazine my friend gave me I came across an article by Annie Groer entitled “From Buyout to Face-lift” about her decision to get a face-lift when she turned 60 and had just been laid-off.  I thought it was a great article – thoughtful, funny, and entertaining.  The article also did a wonderful job at describing why someone would choose to have elective cosmetic surgery and why such a choice isn’t entirely vain or ridiculous.  I know many, many women (and men) who consider elective cosmetic surgery a silly, narcissistic decision.  Of course there are numerous, numerous examples of people who choose elective cosmetic surgery for all the wrong reasons – completely giving in to societal pressure to look young and beautiful, deep-seated self loathing, or they are trying to change their appearance to fit in with a certain desired group.  For all those people there are many others who just want to make a few physical  improvements.  Perhaps the way your breasts look bothers you or perhaps your body (no matter how much you exercise or watch what you eat) never “recovered” from having children.  What is so wrong then with getting a few improvements?  It is clear that when you feel good about how you look your attitude and outlook on life changes, your confidence grows, and your ability to cope with what life throws at you is greatly enhanced.  This article clearly shows how a physical improvement can have those desired impacts on your life.  What I also liked about this article is that the author realizes that a face-lift won’t change her life entirely, but it would as she writes “ease [her] entry into [an] uncertain new phase” of her life.  Groer saw the face-lift as a much-needed ego boost.

I expect that more than one person will disagree with mine and Groer’s stance on elective plastic surgery, and I think that it is important to continue to have a debate on the subject since there are many plastic surgery “abusers” and “addicts” out there.  But bottom line – if you can find a way to make yourself look better in order to feel better, and have realistic expectations about the physical and emotional results of your surgery, why not do it?  If elective plastic surgery makes you enjoy your life to the fullest than go for it!  For those reasons I don’t consider the decision to get elective plastic surgery to be a frivolous or selfish decision.  Keep your expectations in check but your goals high and enjoy your new look.


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