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Why You Should Never Pick or Pop Your Pimples March 21, 2011

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I have a confession to make – I pop my pimples.  Yes, I tell my clients all the time that they shouldn’t ever pop their pimples or pick at their skin, and though I truly know how bad it is for my skin to pop my pimples I still do it.  Anyone who has ever popped a pimple knows how addictive that act can be.  Once you do it is hard to stop.  But here’s why you should avoid popping pimples and why you should never pick at your skin.

This is the thing – if you pop or pick at your pimples they will take longer to heal and could get worse, you risk damaging your skin by pressing and pushing on it aggressively, you could push the bacteria from the pimple deeper into your skin instead of expelling it, and you really run the risk of having the pimple leave a mark or even a scar.  Believe me I’ve been there – every time I pop a pimple I am left with a post inflammatory red mark in the area of the pimple that sticks around for about six months.  Concealer is one of my best make-up friends.

Having said all that I know how hard it can be to keep your hands off of pimples, particularly the red ones with pus.  Believe me I know – I still have trouble keeping my hands off the ones with pus.  So is there a safe way to pop pimples?  Truthfully – not really.  BUT if you insist on squeezing your pimples you can look for some suggestions on how to do this in the book Breaking Out by Lydia Preston on page 151. 

The bottom line is this – hands off your pimples!  Be patient, apply topical anti-acne products to your breakout, and wait it out.  Your skin will thank you later.


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