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Invest in Your Skin May 21, 2010

I received a 20% off e-coupon from this week and was debating if I should use it or not.  Now I love a bargain and like most of us out there I cannot afford to buy everything I would like (and seeing as I have a shoe addiction that is probably a good thing).  I do try to be savvy about my purchases.  Finally I realized that I needed a new brush-on sunscreen so I used my coupon to purchase it.  But all this internal debating got me thinking – isn’t investing in good skincare one of the best investments you can make?  Why was I debating so much with myself about the purchase of a sunscreen I would use daily?

I would love to hear other people’s opinions about this issue.  Personally I think people might have a problem with making skincare product purchases because they don’t always see an immediate return on their investment.  We live in a society that expects instant gratification no matter what the issue or situation.  For instance I recommend using an antioxidant serum daily but rarely will you see an immediate change in the appearance of your skin when you use such a serum.  The use of antioxidant serums is cumulative and long-term.  Additionally, antioxidant serums are usually quite expensive because of the concentration of potent ingredients in them.  Using a product with retinol in it can be the same for many people as well.  It takes months before you will see results from using a retinol product and once again the cost of the product can be high.  Of course in my opinion I would rather have smooth, even toned, clear skin everyday and am happy to cut expenses in other areas to afford my favorite serums and creams. 

I’m not saying all of this in order to tell you that the best skincare products are the ones that cost the most money.  Far from it.  You can find great skincare products at all price points.  Instead my overall point is this – if I had to choose between getting a Starbucks green tea latte everyday (I find them addicting!) and my Vitamin C serum I would choose the serum.

Investing in your skin might not yield instant gratification but the long-term results are well worth the money.

(For tips on how to save money on skincare products and make-up see my early post How to be a Skincare Recessionista)


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