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How to Store Your Skincare Products September 19, 2011


In a perfect world we would get home with our skincare product purchases, start using them, and they would last forever.  But such is not the case at all.  If you buy a skincare product packaged in a jar as soon as you open it up, it is exposed to the air which can lead to contamination.  And as soon as you stick your fingers into the jar to use the product – bingo!  more contamination.  So what is the best way to store and protect your skincare products?

  • Keep your products out of the direct sunlight.  Sunlight degrades active ingredients like Vitamin C in skincare products so make sure your products aren’t exposed to the light.
  • Keep products out of a hot, moist, and humid environment.  Now this is the hard one since the most convenient place to keep skincare products and make-up is in the bathroom which is a hot, moist, and humid environment (at least for part of the day when you shower and immediately after your shower).  Yet both heat and humidity can degrade products.  Keep your products in a cooler place like by your bedside or even a linen closet.  Ok – I know this advice won’t work for most people since if you don’t have your products right in front of you, you just will forget to use them, but I did want to let everyone know about the best way to store your skincare products anyhow.
  • Make sure you don’t introduce water into your products.  When water is introduced into a skincare product the product becomes contaminated.  That is why jar packaging is a problem.  Pumps and air tight containers are the best vessels for skincare products.

Or simply invest $3,000 in this medicine cabinet which is temperature controlled in order to preserve the shelf life of your cosmetics and store them properly in your bathroom.

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