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Sage Aging Advice September 10, 2010

Once again I’m going to mention an Allure article in this blog, and once again I am going to feature a photo of Iman in my blog.  In my opinion Iman is one of the most stunning women in the world and looks phenomenal no matter what age she is.  (If you’re a fan of Iman don’t forget to watch her in the new season of Bravo’s The Fashion Show with Isaac Mizrahi – I’m super excited to see Mizrahi and Iman together.  I just hope that this season of the show is better than the first)

In the September 2010 issue of Allure the magazine asked the model/moguls Cindy Crawford and Iman, the actresses Susan Sarandon, Mariska Hargitay, Connie Britton, and Kim Cattrall, the singer Diana Krall, and the model/actress Andie MacDowell to share their secrets on how they look so great as they age.  The article is entitled Older, Wiser, Better  (as with so many magazine articles found online and in print the print version of the article is more extensive than the online version).  One thing all these women have in common is the fact that they take both their skincare and diets seriously.

There were a few quotes that I liked in particular from the interviews.

Kim Cattrall, famous for playing Samantha on Sex and The City, says:

“Aging is going to happen—and that’s only if you’re lucky enough to live that long. I hate when they say, ‘You look great for your age.’ It’s such an insult. I don’t want that—I want, ‘You look good,’ period. I am defiant. I want to say: This is what aging looks like! This is what happens! It’s not to be confrontational, but I want to say, here it is, look at it.”
And Iman says:
“At 51, I gained five pounds on holiday and decided not to lose it. If I lost another five pounds, I’d look skinny and haggard for my age. You know how they say either your face or your ass goes? I’m letting the ass go.”
Now seriously – can most of us look this good at 45 or 55?  Probably not.  I think most of these women were blessed with phenomenal genes (for goodness sakes Mariska Hargitay’s mother was Jayne Mansfield), but what comes through loud and clear in all the interviews with these celebrities is how important it is for them to feel good emotionally in order to look their best.  Sage advice well worth remembering.

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