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Why You Should Get A Facial ASAP May 12, 2010

This post follows up on some subjects I already mentioned in this blog, (like Why Visit An Esthetician and Quit Bashing Estheticians) but here I’ll focus on why you should get a professional facial.  I dislike the fact that many, many dermatologists and so-called beauty experts (and here I especially mean fashion magazine beauty editors) continually tell people that facials are both a waste of their time and money.  Obviously in my opinion nothing could be further from the truth.


Why You Should Get A Facial


Facials are great for rejuvenation and relaxation.  Facials will help improve the health and appearance of your skin especially if you get facials on a regular basis; you can’t expect big changes to your skin if you get facials once a year.  After a facial your skin will look brighter and healthier.  Additionally your skin will feel softer after the facial. 

The relaxation portion of the facial does nothing but benefit your skin and your overall mental and physical health.  The stress of our hectic daily lives shows up in our skin so taking an hour to relax and be pampered will help you out both physically and emotionally.  Massage is a big part of a professional facial.  Massage will help you to relax and will also reduce the stress hormone cortisol  in your body.  If cortisol is left to run amuck in the body it will only hurt you over time, and additionally massage releases oxytocin which is one of the body’s feel good hormones.  (For more information about stress and your skin see my previous post – Stress and Your Skin)

I’ve written before about the fact that esthetician have available to them a wide variety of skincare products that are  professional only products and how estheticians know how to use these products properly.  Finding the right skincare products is terribly confusing and expensive.  Getting a professional facial cuts down on that mystery.  After cleansing your face the esthetician will analyze your skin and then customize the products she or he uses during the facial according to what they have seen while analyzing your skin.  Without the training and knowledge of a licensed esthetician finding the right products for your skin can just be a downright futile endeavor.  Your esthetician not only will use great products on your skin during the facial, they will also recommend the right products for your skin type for home use helping to eliminate any confusion.  I consider a discussion home care regimes with my clients a HUGE  and important part of my job.   If you don’t maintain a proper home care skincare regime the positive effects of your facial are pretty much for nothing (except for the relaxation part).


What Is A Professional Facial?


A professional facial will include the following steps (or a variation on these steps): a thorough cleansing of the skin, a skin analysis, professional exfoliation (with or without steam), extractions of blackheads, clogged pores, and pimples if necessary, a facial massage, a treatment mask, and the application of serums, moisturizers, and sunscreens.  Sometimes the facial includes a hand and arm massage and an additional neck and shoulder massage.

A typical professional facial takes about an hour (give or take) to perform.  Consider that time a vacation from the “real world” – relax and destress.  Yes, you can do a variation of a facial at home, but can you really give yourself a massage on your own?


And for all those people who say “Facials Make Me Breakout”


Not only do I often hear from people that they think facials are unnecessary and a waste of money I also hear “facials just make me break-out”.  If you do break-out right after a facial that isn’t an actual pimple since “real” pimples take about four to six weeks to form under the skin before you see them on the surface of the skin.  What you are seeing after a facial is irritation or a reaction to a product used during the facial.  If you find that you are sensitive or allergic to certain skincare ingredients be sure to speak up at the beginning of your facials so that your esthetician can avoid using those ingredients on your skin.  If anything hurts or burns during your facial speak up again so that the product can be removed immediately and not cause you any harm. 



Bottom Line


So go get a professional facial in order to relax, rejuvenate, to have your skin thoroughly cleaned and exfoliated, to receive expert advice about what is happening with your skin, and in order to receive home care product recommendations.  Yes, for many people facials are definitely a luxury because of the money and time spent receiving them, but think about the importance of that “me” time.   Never under-estimate the power of a little rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.


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