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My Least Favorite Skincare Products April 30, 2012

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Recently I came across an article on WebMD that got me thinking.  Entitled A Few of My Least Favorite Things by Dr. Debra Jaliman the article lists eight of Dr. Jaliman’s least favorite skincare products, practices, and ingredients.  There were a few things on the list that I definitely agreed with like peel off strips, abrasive facial puffs, and highly fraganced products.

I decided that if I were to make up my own list of my least favorite skincare products, practices, and ingredients it would look like this:

  • Facial scrubs – I really am not a fan of facial scrubs for exfoliating.  I don’t mind them for the body, but I prefer that people use something different on their faces.  Facial scrubs are generally ineffective and yet simultaneously too harsh for a lot of people.  Since they only remove surface dead skin cells facial scrubs cannot get rid of blackheads or whiteheads or truly prevent acne.  Facial scrubs are not anti-aging products.  In order to prevent skin aging you need gentle acids and some version of retinol – either prescription or OTC.
  • Facial exercises – my husband sent me a link to a Japanese facial exercise mask which has to be one of the silliest things I have seen in a long time.  I dislike the idea that people think they can stop the aging process with 10 minutes of facial exercises a day.  See my post Stop Doing Those Facial Exercises!  Give Yourself a Facial Massage Instead in order to learn more about why facial exercises are a waste of time.
  • Skincare products that make false claims – there are so many examples of this phenomena that I can’t even begin to name them.  Suffice it to say – buyer beware when it comes to skincare products and claims.

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