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About May 23, 2017

Originally from the Chicago area, I am an esthetician now living in Kfar Saba, Israel who has been passionate about skin care for almost 20 years.  As a teenager I suffered from terrible acne which was “cured” with of a dose of Accutane, but  nevertheless I remained obsessed with my skin.  I was constantly searching for information about how to properly care for my skin until finally I decided that the best thing  for me to do was to become an esthetician so I could be both my own skincare expert and help others with their skincare problems.  I went to esthetics school in the Chicago area and worked as an esthetician in Illinois before moving back to Israel in August, 2012.  In May, 2012 I was certified in Oncology Esthetics by Touch for Cancer.I am also certified in Israel to do manicures, pedicures, and artificial nails.

In Illinois I worked for Dr. Elysa Fisher.  After returning to Israel I worked at Spa Shizen in the Daniel Hotel in Herzliya.  Now I am happy to share that I work for myself.  If you in Israel or planning to visit Israel and would like to have a facial with me please contact me at 054-599-1688.  For more information about the services I provide please visit my website.  (You can also view my full work and education experience on Linked In)

Since September, 2014 I have been the skincare expert for

Before I became an esthetician I studied Art History, eventually earning both a BA and an MA in the subject.  One thing I did repeatedly during both my graduate and undergraduate studies was write research papers.  I plan to apply those research skills to writing this blog since I am always trying to learn all that I can about skincare and skincare products.  I promise to research each blog topic to the best of my ability, to cite my sources, and to be as objective as possible about my topics.  I’ve found that many skincare blogs publish half-truths or even misleading or misinformation about skincare.  This blog will be different.  I want to be able to give my clients and blog readers the best help and advice that I can as it pertains to skincare, and I hope that this blog will reflect that goal.

While I started this blog to address skin care topics that were of interest to me I welcome questions and topic ideas from readers.    I hope that my blog will help everyone who reads it achieve the great skin that they deserve to have.

Everyone should love their skin!

Please note that unless otherwise stated I have no affiliation whatsoever with the companies or the products mentioned in my blog and receive no financial compensation for mentioning them.

*** Due to more than a few inquiries from estheticians interested in moving to Israel or about to move to Israel here is some information about working as an esthetician in Israel***

I’ve been able to work in Israel as an esthetician by showing my esthetics diploma from the US and my IL state license.  There is no esthetics license per say in Israel.  If you study esthetics in Israel upon completing your course you take a test from The Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor .   This test is a one time thing.   But if you studied esthetics abroad you do NOT need to take this test in order to work in Israel.  You just need to show potential employers your diploma from abroad.

Keep in mind the following – almost every esthetician in Israel also does manicures and pedicures. That is a pretty much a given for most people when you say that you are an esthetician. I did a manicure/pedicure course here in Israel (as noted above).

There are plenty of jobs in Israel for estheticians, but, of course, finding the right job for you isn’t always easy. A lot of estheticians work from home or rent a room in a hair salon, etc. and work for themselves.

In the end what matters most is your knowledge, your interpersonal skills with clients, and your experience as an esthetician. You also have to be able to express yourself well in Hebrew.

I also answered questions for Nefesh B-Nefesh about working as an esthetician in Israel.  You can find my answers here.

The same issues that I mentioned above about working as an esthetician in Israel when moving from abroad apply to nail techs as well.