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What I am Reading Now January 9, 2013

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The Artist's Wife (Périe, 1849–1887) Reading

I like to use my blog’s Facebook page in order to share articles I read online that won’t make it into my blog, but lately I’ve come across so many interesting things that I thought I would share them here all at once instead of piece meal on Facebook.  (This type of post might become a regular feature on my blog, and it is inspired by The New York Times’ What We’re Reading)

Two articles about diet and skin caught my eye:

New Beauty helps you fix any holiday skincare issues in Help for Holiday Skin Problems.

Looking toward 2013 Vogue talks skin in Promises, Promises: Five Skin-Care Resolutions Worth Keeping in the Year Ahead.

I saw this feature a little while ago, but I thought it was worth sharing since there are vegan beauty products mentioned here that might be new for many readers (they were for me):  My Five Beauty Obsessions: Karim Orange from Well and Good NYC.

Lastly, beauty blogger Jake Sauvage shares helpful tips so that your foundation goes on flawlessly in Beauty FAQ – At the Risk of Sounding Rude – You’re Probably Making One of These Foundation Mistakes …

Read any good beauty tips or articles lately?  Please share below!



Image from The Metropolitan Museum of Art –  The Artist’s Wife Reading by Albert Bartholome


6 Responses to “What I am Reading Now”

  1. Jake Sauvage Says:

    Hey! Thank you so much for sharing my post with your readers – it means a lot. I’m Jake (obviously)…what’s your name? We can be bloggin’ buddies! 😉

    • Hi Jake! You’re welcome. I’ve been following your blog for a little bit and enjoy it a lot. I thought your foundation tips were great; I need to go out and buy a foundation brush now :). No more using my fingers to apply my foundation.
      And I’m Hanah, by the way.

      • Jake Sauvage Says:

        Try a stippling brush – like the one I linked to in my post. They’re just so much easier to work with…the foundation blends out so much more effortlessly, ahaha! Well it’s very nice meeting you Hanah (with one n). I’m following you now – so I can’t wait to see what else you get up to.

      • Thanks for the great advice!

        Yes, I am Hanah with only one “n”. In 37 years I haven’t met another Hanah who spells her name like mine. My parents made sure I had a very unique spelling for my name, and it also means that everyone always misspells my name. I’ve gotten used to it :).

        When you have time be sure to check out my previous posts and let me know if there is anything you would like for me to write about in the future. I love hearing from my readers!

      • Jake Sauvage Says:

        Absolutely – I’m running out to get my hair done right now, but when I’m home I’ll mull over your blog for you. 😉

      • I look forward to your feedback.

        By the way, I just started following you on Pinterest too. 🙂

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