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National Epidemic: Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer April 9, 2010

So I’ve mentioned the need for sun protection numerous times in this blog already.  I’ve already written a post about skin cancer (Skin Cancer Affects All of Us), but I feel the need to bring up the topic again. 

I just read the following article on the Skin Inc. website: Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers a National Epidemic and wanted to share the article.  The article in Skin Inc. cites an article in Archives of Dermatology that the number of people with skin cancer in the United Sates rose dramaticly between 1992 to 2006 prompting doctors to declare that there is a national epidemic of nonmelanoma skin cancer in this country.

Skin cancer is a preventable cancer.  Use sunscreen year around.  Make sure to protect yourself and your children consistently – not just in the summer or when you are on vacation.

For more sun protection tips please see this page on the Skin Cancer Foundation website.


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