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Help Support Skin Cancer Research May 26, 2011


As May, Skin Cancer Awareness Month, comes to an end I wanted to highlight a few ways all of us can help support skin cancer research.

Consider donating to the Melanoma Research Alliance and/or The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Or if you prefer to donate in a more roundabout way – consider buying from one of these companies.  When you do a donation will be made to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

And remember to always set a good example when it comes to sun protection.  Never use a tanning bed and educate others on the risks of tanning beds (see my post Teens and Tanning Beds for more information).  Always apply sunscreen daily.  Wear a hat and sunglasses when you are outdoors.  Get a skin cancer screening

Also help out by signing a “ letter to the Surgeon General asking her to urge the FDA to enact stricter regulations and more oversight of tanning beds”.  The letter is sponsored by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

The Skin Cancer Foundation offers even more sun safe tips.

Have a great and sun safe Memorial Day Weekend!


May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month May 4, 2010

So I’ve already written a lot in this blog about proper and consistent sun protection from head to toe, staying away from tanning bed (or cancer beds), and scary increase in skin cancer rates in this country.  But since May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month I thought it important to raise all those issues yet again.


My Previous Posts about Sun Protection and Skin Cancer




Resources for Information on Skin Cancer






There are lots and lots of great sunscreens on the market.  But if you are not sure what to buy consider purchasing Sephora’s Sun Safety Kit.  For only $25 you can try 11 different products, and all the proceeds go to The Skin Cancer Foundation.


And lastly, go see a dermatologist for a skin exam!  One appointment could save your life.



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